fall 2018

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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Elmhurst College Accreditation Status

    Does anyone know what would happen if Elmhurst College does't attain pre-accreditation status? I know they were withheld pre-accreditation status in 2017. They were visited by the ACOTE this spring but I haven't heard any news on the outcome. Thank you.
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences Fall 2018 MOT/DPT

    Hello! I was accepted to the Fall 2018 start date for the flex MOT program at USAHS's St. Augustine Campus. I received my acceptance email on 3/2. I emailed one of the admissions counselors and she said they were waiting on links, this was a few weeks ago. Just wondering if anyone has any...
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    University of St. Augustine (USAHS) DPT, Miami Campus, Fall 2018

    Hey all. I received an admittance letter to the USAHS Miami Campus for Fall 2018. I just wanted to know if there's anyone else out there also considering this! I'm from California and I've never been to Miami so I've been scouting housing pages to find reasonable rent. If anyone has advice -...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's University of St. Augustine Austin Campus MOT Fall 2018 Residential

    Hi! I applied to the University of St. Augustine at the Austin campus for the MOT Fall 2018 Residential cohort. I interviewed on March 16th. Is there anyone who has applied to the same campus/cohort and interviewed March 16th who has heard back? So anxious to know if I've gotten in!
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    Rutgers EMSOP pharmacy acceptance Starting Fall 2018

    Hi everyone, I haven't found any threads on Rutgers EMSOP Pharmacy class of 2022, coming in as a transfer. Wondering if anyone has heard back? If so, what are your stats? My application still says in process. Thank you !
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    UIWSOM 2018 incoming students

    Hi guys! I was accepted into UIWSOM and will be starting in the fall of 2018 so I just wanted to get in contact with some of my future classmates to talk about anything related to UIWSOM and maybe get in contact with anyone looking to find a room mate for this fall. I interviewd January 19
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    UNT College of Pharmacy Class of 2022

    Hello everyone, I wanted to start a new thread this year for all applicants applying for admission of Fall 2018! Has anyone applied, or had an interview, or heard back yet?
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Anybody Applying to the St. Augustine Flex MOT Fall 2018?

    I'm submitting my application to the flex MOT program at the University of St Augustine for fall 2018. Anybody else going through the process?
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    UOP interview (application for fall2018)

    Has anyone who interviewed with UOP hear back yet?