1. D

    Help choosing SMP

    Hey all, going to be doing an SMP to help boost my GPA and gain acceptance into medical school. Right now, I am accepted to all SMPs listed in the title and I need help weighing the Pros/Cons of each program. Now considering my age and situation, I would *prefer* to get into med school asap...
  2. P

    Best Post Bacs in Florida?

    Was wondering if anyone had any insights on Post Bacs in Florida? Like which are the best and if any have some kind of linkages etc. Haven't found a ton of info here on Florida, I might be missing a thread somewhere but feel free to redirect me, super new here. Thanks! According to AAMC these...
  3. W

    USF vs FAU

    FAU Pros: Unranked P/F grading for preclinical years Small class size Received a large scholarship Friends with several current students Close to home I loved the vibe I got, very close-knit and the people were chill Cons: Lack of a teaching hospital Not completely sold on quality of...
  4. krvstak

    "Introduction to Dentistry and Lab" - South Florida Course

    Hello everyone! For those of you who live in South Florida, have any of you heard of or taken the hands-on pre dental course that is being offered at Florida Atlantic University? "Intro to Dentistry and Lab"? I heard about it through word of mouth, but would like to know more!
  5. L

    DO cGPA 3.74 sGPA 3.64 MCAT 499 appreciate the help

    cGPA 3.74 sGPA 3.64 MCAT 499 Co-founder/executive boards of premed club and homeless food donation club Honors society, presidents list Loans, waited tables through college 200+ volunteer hours for homeless ER physician & family medicine resident shadowing experience 1 publication biochemistry...
  6. U

    Advice Regarding Two Years of Prerequisites

    I need help deciding where I should go to complete prerequisites for pharmacy school. My options are PBA and FAU. PBA seems to be the more practical choice as I would go their for two years and then apply to their pharmacy school for four years. With FAU, I would be going there to do prereqs...
  7. Z

    New York and Florida PostBaccs

    Hey there, I am a career-changer looking for a postbacc program. I have local housing in New York and Florida and I currently live in New York. (in-state tuition is why im telling you this!) My first thought was I wanted to stay in New York so as to keep my life relatively normal taking these...
  8. longtimelurker2015

    FAU vs. FIU vs. Tulane

    As of this writing, these are my options for med school. Waiting to hear post-interview from other places too, but I like to deal with what's in front of me, and these are it for the moment. Thoughts? I'm interested in a vote, but also specifically in people's thoughts. As of now I'm...