fee assistance program

  1. B

    Fee Assistance Program Questions

    Under this section for applicant financial info "Enter total value of assistance received from federal, state, or local welfare programs (other than Social Security)" I. Do stimulus checks count in this category? II. How is Medicaid valued in this category (medicaid is technically a welfare...
  2. LindaAccepted

    Medical The AAMC Fee Assistance Program: Information for 2019

    Applying to med school isn’t cheap (see our breakdown of costs here), and the AAMC understands that not all applicants will be able to cover these costs. AAMC’s Fee Assistance Program was created with the conviction that application fees shouldn’t prevent serious aspiring doctors from pursuing...
  3. C

    Secondary app fee waver for FAP URM applicants?

    Are all secondary applications waived for FAP students/applicants? I ask this because I plan on applying to 40+ schools w. the FAP.
  4. B

    AADSAS FAP 14 days to apply?

    In an unexpected turn of events, I have decided to apply this cycle and I received the fee assistance from AADSAS. I work full time as an assistant and have everything ready to go except my DAT, my personal statement, and disadvantaged statement. My DAT is in two weeks and I have my personal...
  5. M

    Question about AADSAS FAP

    So I sent in the paper work for FAP around May 20th or so when they started accepting paper work for assistance. The Program Instruction I downloaded says it takes 4-5 business days to process the work for approval or denial. Did they start processing on May as they receive paperwork or on June...
  6. 9

    AMCAS Fee Assistance Application

    Hi everyone, I want to apply to possibly get fee assistance for my AMCAS application. I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not I will be unable to submit my application before I get accepted if the fee assistance is under review. Also, does anyone know how long the review takes? Thanks!
  7. Reyona

    DAT Fee Waiver - Personal Statement

    Hey everyone! I was planning on taking my DAT at the end of my winter break and I was hoping to be granted with a fee waiver by the ADA. Part of the application is to make a personal statement. This is what is says... "In 750 characters or less please provide a personal statement detailing...
  8. Wingardium Leviosa

    Fee Assistance Program question

    Hi- I'm currently serving in a domestic volunteer program that covers my room and board and make way under the federal poverty line. However, while my parents are not well off, their income is probably slightly over the 300% level. Due to other expenses, they are really unable to support me...
  9. Ulgarmoose

    On Supplemental fees

    Will any schools offer fee waivers for their supplemental fees if you did *not* receive the AACOMAS fee waiver? I did not apply early enough for the program to be accepted and decided to submit my application without it. I'm not worried about the initial fees but figured it's worth asking...
  10. L

    Filling out Fee Assistance Program but not sure how to answer this question?

    Hi all, so this is the question: Was any housing and/or food assistance provided to you or paid on your behalf by family, friends, an employer or other entity (other than Financial Aid or welfare) in 2015? I live at home with my parents so do I answer yes?? If I do, then it asks these three...
  11. Toothout

    FAP Letter of Explanation

    Somehow I cant find a thread answering my question. Does someone knows how to write a letter of explanation for the FAP. I am not able to provide my parent W2 because his employer never gave him one. The FAP guide only says "Copies of 2015 Federal tax returns (including the 1040 tax forms, W2s...
  12. J

    Downside of using FAP?

    Hey guys, are there any cons of using FAP besides waiting for the award to be awarded, if so how long does it usually take for them to give your award? Would faxing it make it faster for the documents to reach AADSAS?
  13. M

    FAP questions

    I am planning on applying for FAP here soon but it asks for my parents income. I do not have any contact with my mother and my father is about as reliable as a 3 year old. I have been in legal guardianship since I was 3 and my grandma was appointed as my guardian. But it says online...