1. D


    Hello Everyone, I was hoping someone could help clarify something for me. As I was finishing applying on optomCAS, I noticed for NECO it asked if I had paid the supplemental fees, which I have not. I was wondering: 1) is this fee different than the optomcas fee? Because there are two deposits...
  2. Panis et Circenses

    The Most Ridiculously Expensive Dental Schools Thread

    I wanted to start a thread to help people estimate the total cost of attendance dental schools (tuition, fees, living costs, and interest included). I have uploaded a excel file where you can easily estimate the cost of a school you are interested in. Feel free to add your calculations for a...
  3. entdreams47

    How many credits for an MD/DO degree?

    I know medical school isn't exactly like college, but does anyone know how many "credits" are in a standard curriculum? I cannot find this information anywhere, and assume it varies between schools. My scholarship will pay a certain amount per credit for doctorate degrees, so I am trying to...
  4. Johnny Appleseed

    DO Tuition by School (2016-2017)

  5. Ulgarmoose

    On Supplemental fees

    Will any schools offer fee waivers for their supplemental fees if you did *not* receive the AACOMAS fee waiver? I did not apply early enough for the program to be accepted and decided to submit my application without it. I'm not worried about the initial fees but figured it's worth asking...
  6. S

    MA/MS Seeking Hope

    I have spent the past 5 years processing and moving beyond personal and professional devastation due to harm caused by, what I strongly believe to be, an unfair determination made by the State Board of Examiners of Psychology. It would be very inaccurate for me to say I have been successful in...
  7. BioForLife

    Does this Look Bad?

    Hey, all. I sent my payment to University of Kentucky yesterday (online), and today got an alert that I had insufficient funds in my account to cover it. I just deposited a check a moment ago (I was expecting the check to come in a little earlier). Does it affect my chances of getting into this...
  8. I

    ARVO and other professional organization fees

    Hi, How common is it for medical students to pay their own member registration fee and also the conference registration fee when submitting abstracts to meetings like ARVO, AAO, NANOS etc. ? Do departments ever cover the cost of one or both dues? I'm wondering because to submit an ARVO...