first job

  1. claner1

    First Job Interview - Questions to not miss?

    Hi all, Current PGY-3 here and starting to interview for general PM&R jobs after residency! The jobs I’m considering are all outpatient MSK/spine with USGI and EMG and minimal/no inpatient responsibilities. Mix of academics and PP. I have an idea of questions/themes to address during my...
  2. B

    What don't I know? IM physician, first job in a Skilled Nursing facility in Dallas area

    Hello folks, I'm hoping to get your perspective and feedback about working in a skilled nursing facility on 1099 basis. I'm new IM residency grad and this would be my first job post-residency. What's the salary range for this kind of job in Dallas (read Plano, North Dallas suburbs)? Does...
  3. S

    Fired for Diversion, found innocent, who will consider hiring

    Long story short: Worked for a chain pharmacy, as an intern up until the point I received a Pharmacist job offer full time. Two months later, I was accused of diversion, fired, complaint sent to the BOP, went to court, and I was later found completely innocent. The BOP response was that there...
  4. L

    Other CV and Cover letter help for first job

    Dear all, Is there a different forum I should post this question? I just wrote my first Cover letter for an internist job position. Mine is very personal. Almost like a story. All the examples in internet are very professional and only talks about their abilities and skills. What is ideal...
  5. Green Man

    Starting salary and RVU expectation in the first job

    Hi everyone, I'm a US citizen, finishing PCCM fellowship next year. Recently, I started looking for mixed pul/CC private practice jobs in small cities in the West Coast. Could anyone share a general idea of compensation to RVU ratio and expected RVUs in clinic or ICU settings (as a new...
  6. cupoftea2

    Life after internship: First job / postdoc questions

    Now that I've matched for internship (yay!) I'm starting to think about what comes next. I don't know much about life after internship, so any insights would be much appreciated! I've heard that some folks go the postdoc route, while others get their "first job" - not sure if that's also...
  7. CompHealth

    Applying for a Medical License

    Attaining your first medical license can be a daunting task. If you start the process with a clear understanding of what documents you must include, the process can be much easier. Use the following list to determine what documents you will need to procure your medical license. Learn more at...
  8. CompHealth

    Negotiating Your Job Offers

    One of the most common mistakes young physicians make when taking a job is accepting whatever is offered. Once you’re out of school and reviewing a job offer and contract, keep in mind that all terms—not just compensation—can be negotiated. Read more at bit.ly/firstcontract. What terms do you...
  9. P

    When to Apply for Jobs

    So, I'm currently completing my 4th year. I'll graduate and be done with my studies in May. I have a general area of the country that I want to live in and finally start living my adult life, so every once in a while i scope out the area to see if any practices are hiring. Right now there seems...