1. H

    Submitted Secondary - Formatting Issue

    Hey good morning. I have a question for anyone who has submitted a secondary application to a school that is using ApplyWeb/CollegeNET. I entered my essays into the text fields using 1 line of space between the paragraphs. So for example: This is a paragraph.... This is the next paragraph w/...
  2. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS Personal Statement Question

    I feel silly asking this but should I include my name on the top of my personal statement for OTCAS? Also, should I write "Personal Statement" on it or just leave it without a title? I can't seem to find any formatting information about this paper on the OTCAS website or online anywhere.
  3. D

    ERAS Bullet Format for 2018-2019 cycle

    I'm currently filling out my ERAS and reading up on past advice. From my understanding, applicants were previously unable to include bullet points/dashes in their applications due to a formatting issue with ERAS. However, I have found no issue with this. Perhaps they fixed this? I've also read...
  4. dmprasad

    Personal Statement format

    Is it wise to submit a personal statement without the general essay format since doing so would not enable me to fill the 2500 quota? I feel the essay itself is good and breaking any paragraphs would disrupt the flow. If you have some extra time and credentials and want to help me out, please...
  5. TwentySixDeer

    Character/word limit for essay questions in VMCAS?

    Hi, recently saw that the VMCAS apps changed to three essays in the last cycle. I am assuming this will be the same format of personal statements for the upcoming cycle. The three essays stated underneath them "0/1000" if nothing has been typed into them yet. Is this referring to characters or...
  6. lgs9109

    Internship VIRMP Personal Statement Format

    I know it's a bit early to be thinking about the match for next year, but my professional development rotation is having us write a cover letter/personal statement and resume/CV for our "next step". Thought this was a good time to get my first rough draft written down! My question is how to...
  7. Waldeinsamkeit

    Format of journal articles

    What format is generally used? I am assuming AMA, but not sure.
  8. Waldeinsamkeit

    Poster finesse

    Hello all, I am presenting a poster at a national conference coming up, and I was wondering what a good font size would be? At a previous conference some were bulleted and others read like full papers. Which is desirable? Any other formatting tips? Are there any good templates out there...
  9. C

    Phorcas Formatting Issue?

    Is it possible that the formatting of my CV and my letter of intent could have been changed when my application was officially submitted? I swear when I uploaded it and reopened the uploads (before officially submitting) they looked exactly as they should. I saw a program pull out a copy of my...
  10. D

    Copy and Pasting Personal Statement Issues!

    So I am a bit frantic. I have typed my personal statement on Microsoft Word and have attempted to paste it within the personal statement section on PharmCas. However, I lose some ( but not all) of the tabs that are within my paper to separate my paragraphs. When I try to edit my statement on...