fourth year

  1. T

    family med or pediatrics residency?

    Hello all, interested in these 2 specialties and I am a 4th year trying to decide! I am starting my first inpatient peds (only have done outpatient thus far) next month so hopefully that will help determine. I am interested in doing rural medicine. I like the idea of full spectrum perhaps some...
  2. N

    Participate in an NIH study using virtual reality and receive a $100 amazon gift card!

    Are you located near the NIH Campus in Bethesda, Maryland? We are seeking 3rd and 4th year medical students who would like to participate in an innovative healthcare study using virtual reality. The study involves one 90-minute visit to the NIH Campus, and is compensated with a $100 amazon...
  3. Rljoel

    US student rotating in Scotland or Ireland

    Has anyone rotated through Scotland or Ireland for a 4 week rotation? If so, what was the process of setting it up and were you able to do anything or was it more just shadowing? Any specialty! Thanks in advance!
  4. kingarty24

    MD Step 1 241 - ortho possible? Need help planning years 3-4

    Hi all - I need some guidance. I got my my score report last week, 241. I’m pleased, definitely glad the weeks I spent punishing myself weren’t for nothing. To make a long story short - I’m interested in ortho but I’m not entirely sure how realistic this goal is with a score so far below the...
  5. FemaleJD

    Doing A Fourth-Year Elective In the Caribbean?

    My partner is currently finishing up his ob/gyn elective and moving onto fourth year this August and we have the itch to go back to the Caribbean for a short period. For reference: He is a Caribbean medical student at St. George in Grenada and St. George's hospital offers some basic med...
  6. langiyo

    Just your typical 3rd year TERRIFIED of NAVLE/4th year

    Hi guys, Heads up, I'm about to emotionally vomit all over you in 3....2....1... GO: So we just got our rotation schedules for fourth year emailed to us, and it kind of made everything real and I feel like I've been sucker punched in the kidney. I've been through a lot in my vet school journey...
  7. S

    Drowning 4th Year - Residency Doubts

    I am at the beginning of my fourth year and I seriously am doubting my abilities to do well in residency or match. I have been receiving mixed feedback throughout my third and fourth year regarding my clinical skills. Some people tell me I'm doing well (lying? don't know where I should be? too...
  8. K

    MD & DO MS3 gifts

    My school is having a going away celebration for the current MS2/rising MS3 students before they head off for their clinical years, and I wanted to get a gift for my Big Sib. What would you guys recommend? What is something useful to have during third and fourth year rotations? Thanks!
  9. A

    PM&R Rank List Advice

    Looking for advice on my rank list. As far as fellowships go, leaning toward sports/pain. Just looking for input from anyone who has trained at any of these institutions and the pros and cons they have. Obviously this is a personal decision but I want to glean any insight possible. Mayo...
  10. PreMedHeart

    How to DO 4th year rotations work?

    I've always been a little unclear on this and was hoping someone could lay out in general, how fourth year DO students find rotations for fourth year. I know we have to set them up...and I believe there is some kind of service that lists them out? I'm sure it depends somewhat on schools, but can...
  11. Asclepius293

    Cut Summer

    My school just reduced our summer from 12 weeks to 9 weeks in order to start 4th year 3 weeks earlier for more residency application time and earlier elective rotations. Do any current 4th years see a benefit to this? I feel like I’m losing out on a full summer with externship/life experience...
  12. F

    is a HHMI fellowship after MS4 possible?

    I'd be interested in doing a HHMI fellowship, but I'm already partway through my fourth year. I was curious if anyone on this forum has any experience with this program, and in particular, the logistics of doing such a research year after their fourth year of medical school. Is that even...
  13. F

    HHMI fellowship during fourth year?

    I'd be interested in doing a HHMI fellowship, but I'm already partway through my fourth year. I was curious if anyone on this forum has any experience with this program, and in particular, the logistics of doing such a research year after their fourth year of medical school. Is that even...
  14. S

    VSAS Authorizations.. how do I get more?

    I am wanting to apply to the institutions for audition rotations for as many months possible (~4 each) but I only have 20 authorizations. I want to give my self the best chance at getting the rotation, how do I get more authorizations if I run out?
  15. House911MD

    Useful non-EM electives for Emergency Medicine applicants?

    What non-EM electives do you think would be useful to take 4th year (maybe ones that EM residency training doesn't give enough practice in)? I've already done a SICU elective and am scheduled for a radiology and an EKG one, but I might still have some room for a few more 2 and/or 4 week. I've...
  16. reverence

    Gen Surg vs. Family Med/Primary Care

    I know the two are very different... Anyone else deciding (or decided) between these two? Would appreciate input. Please don't bother talking about $$ Surgery [+] : the hands on; the procedure is the main medicine (I would much rather learn procedures over pharmacology); I like the varied...
  17. NYUyankeezfan

    VSAS - Med Schools vs Hospitals

    Hey all. VSAS allows you to apply for rotations with hospitals or medical schools. What exactly is the difference? If you apply for a school, say New York Medical College, does that then allow you to get placed at one of the school's academic affiliates? Thanks!
  18. ru4real1666

    Fourth Year Medical School Electives

    I'm posting in the general surgery forum because I'd like more information on what people think are the most important electives/subinternships for a to-be surgeon. I will be applying on orthopedics, but I would like to have a strong foundation in managing complicated patients, especially...