gap semester

  1. N

    How do gap years work?

    I am currently thinking about doing a gap year. I want to take the MCAT my senior year after studying all summer. I want to apply to medical schools at the end of my senior year. Once i graduate does what I do (scribing, research, etc) during that extra year even matter since my applications...
  2. P

    taking semester off before applying

    Hi everyone, I will hopefully have taken all my prerequisites for med school by the fall of junior year of college. Part of me is thinking of taking a gap semester during the spring of junior year off (dropping to either 0 or 6 credit hours) and working full time (clinical hospital work) and...
  3. S

    Graduating in 3.5 years to work my last semester--is this okay?

    Hi everyone, I'm a junior, applying to med school this cycle. I'm getting my BS in neuroscience, and will finish all classes required for my major this semester. All I need left is to work on my research thesis next semester (Fall 2018). Instead of taking fluff/filler classes next Spring (2019)...
  4. JackM255

    What to do during a gap period

    Hey guys, So may be an odd question but I will be graduating here in the next week. I will have about a 6-7 month time gap period before dental school starts. Have any of you had this similar thing happen? I'm mainly curious about what you did during your gap time like regarding jobs. Does the...
  5. P

    Graduate College a Semester Early?

    I am A Biological Science major and I can potentially graduate in December, which would give me Jan-March to prepare for the MCAT & shadow with no distractions and apply for med school (doing a gap year). My only issue is I would have to take Orgo 1, Phys 2, Genetics, +1 upper level bio next...
  6. Ajshsj

    Gap in attendance dates

    Hi, I would like to inquire about whether having a gap in attendance dates (taking a semester, two semesters, or quarters off) would impact my admissions into pharmacy programs. Thanks for reading
  7. P

    Did I screw myself up?

    So... I came in freshman year first semester premed, by second semester I was over it, and now I'm about to go into Sophomore year and I'm pretty sure I want to do medicine again (this time for real). The problem is second semester freshman year I didn't take any PreMed classes whatsoever. All...
  8. S

    Taking a gap semester 2nd semester of Jr yr? Hoping UCLA/USC/Penn and etc

    Hi, I am currently a sophomore MCB major at a top 20 ranked undergrad. I have 3.6 GPA currently and I can pull 3.7 by the time I apply. I really wish to take a gap semester during the second semester of Junior year for my personal improvements (hobbies, getting better in shape, travel, explore...