Aug 11, 2016
So... I came in freshman year first semester premed, by second semester I was over it, and now I'm about to go into Sophomore year and I'm pretty sure I want to do medicine again (this time for real). The problem is second semester freshman year I didn't take any PreMed classes whatsoever.

All I've taken thus far is my first semester stuff (Chem 101 & Lab). Will having the "gap" freshman semester hurt me?

I'm trying to sign up for classes right now, but I'm a bit late for Chem 102 Lab...but i can still get into lecture. I'm planning on doing Chem 102 lecture and a few bio classes or something.

How screwed am I?


You'll be fine, just be ready to take a heavy semester later on in exchange for your easy first year


2+ Year Member
May 18, 2016
Breathe. You're 100% fine. It's just one semester. No one will be looking down on the fact that you didn't take pre-med classes your second sem of freshman year. It doesn't matter when or in what order you take them, as long as they're done before you take the MCAT (ideally). If need be, just take extra courses this semester or take a summer class.