1. stratosphere

    UCSD vs. Dartmouth

    What would you do? And if you can, please say why :)
  2. M

    Dartmouth vs Stony Brook vs Hofstra

    Dartmouth Pros Prestige (residency director ranking #28, comparable to Case, Brown, BU, Sinai) True P/F preclinical (I think) Optional, recorded lectures Small class size Excellent sense of community Students seemed happy and least stressed Faculty seemed caring/supportive Enjoyed my interview...
  3. SSDGM

    Geisel (Dartmouth) vs. U of M Duluth

    Currently trying to get some insight in to my decision between my top two picks (Quinnipiac is still on the table as well, but I am leaning towards Geisel and Duluth at the moment). Geisel: Pros: +M3/M4 rotations in Alaska (my tribal homelands) +prestige/connections (Ivy League) +undergrad...
  4. dinomite00

    NJMS vs Dartmouth vs UVA

    Hey Guys, I have been fortunate enough to be accepted to multiple schools, and have narrowed down my choices to these three. I am having a very hard time deciding between them and would love to get some input from anyone who has some insight into these institutions. I am not 100% sure what I...