1. Metamorphosis.DO

    Best FM Residency for Women’s Health Interest - Lots of Qs

    First, thanks for reading this! I know it is long. I am pretty set on FM. I love it to death. I also really love women‘s health. While I would love the added bonus of delivering babies, until I get closer to finishing medical school, I’m not sure if I want to dedicate so much of my time to OB...
  2. A

    MD Army HPSP Student: Step 1 score too low for OB/Gyn?

    Current M3, into my 6 month family medicine rotation and I've had the chance to shadow in various specialties. After working with an OB/Gyn physician in clinic and OR, I'm starting to really enjoy the specialty. I'll be doing my audition rotations and applying to residency programs next summer...
  3. V

    I want to be an Obstetrician. Should I get an Associates in OBGyn-Sonography?

    I have the opportunity to get a free associates, working parallel as my bachelors. If my ultimate goal is to go to medical school and hopefully get matched into an OBGyn residency, is it smart to get an associates in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ObGyn specialty) and work in the field...
  4. S

    How to make $$$ in ObGyn with still a few hours to spare

    Is it possible to make a very nice salary and have a good schedule and time for vacation in ObGyn? ObGyn has a bad rep for lifestyle and isn’t regarded as a top earning speciality in the same way as Ophtho, Plastics, etc. Given it’s poor rep for lifestyle and just mediocre rep for payscale...
  5. ob_gyn

    Hysteroscopy & Colposcopy Books

    Looking for good texts on hysteroscopy & colposcopy. Preferably something concise with many pictures. Any suggestions?
  6. C

    Position Wanted PGY-3 OB/GYN vacancy

    Hi everybody! I'm currently a PGY-2 in an OB/GYN residency program. Because of budget issues and a low census, our site is closing so I'm looking for programs with PGY-3 vacancies. If anyone knows or hears of any vacancies please hit me up! :D NB- The list on CREOG clearinghouse hasn't been...
  7. G

    ENT vs OB-GYN

    I need help deciding on a specialty. Currently I am between ENT and OBGYN. I have worked very closely with the ENT department since M1 and can get great letters, scored 240 step 1, and have published 3 papers with the department (+countless conference poster presentations). But, during M3 I...
  8. N

    gynecology in sweden

    Hello, i'm sorry if there is already a post about that but, i didn't find any... I'm a 6th year medical student in EU, I'm half swedish half french, even if my swedish skills are kind of ****ty right now, I'm improving, so i won't have probleme to go in i think, is just that i can't find any...
  9. A

    Seeking a Specific Resource

    I am seeking the original source material for this image of an illustration scanned from a text book or journal article depicting the male and female homologous tissue of the penis and clitoris: http://afterdinnerparty.com/files/cache/225a388b0fa5e640ec936c2ed01e5c89.jpg I checked the...
  10. F

    Should I mention the book I wrote?

    Hello all, I am making this account because I have a question. I wrote a book about holistic care of the vagina. I am pre-med and looking to apply to D.O. schools. I have not finished my B.S. in biology yet, so I have no credentials I lightly sourced my book and it is not anything with hard...
  11. C

    Position Wanted Still hunting

    Hi y'all, So here's my story. I was let go from my OB/GYN residency program after completing 2 years in good standing. I had family issues that kept me from studying successfully for USMLE Step 3 and didn't pass it within 3 attempts at the time I was in the program. A year has gone by and I...
  12. C

    Position Wanted PGY1-3 positions OB/GYN

    Hi y'all Completed 2 years of OB/GYN residency training in Texas, did not pass USMLE Step 3 on third attempt. Was let go because of three strikes USMLE rule. Recently kicked Step 3's ass. If anyone knows of any unfilled programs or any PDs, please let me know. PGY1-3.
  13. X

    Changing landscape of ob/gyn

    How quickly is the landscape of ob/gyn changing to become more lifestyle friendly? (ex. some hospitals have laborists, larger call groups) (I am sorry if this has already been posted, I have looked around but have not found much/ the posts I have found are older)
  14. E

    Why you chose Obgyn despite stressful Lifestyle. Any regrets?

    I'm an MS3 strongly considering Obgyn -> The main things holding me back (and making me consider a different medicine/surgical specialty like Ophtho) is the relatively more stressful lifestyle and schedule in Obgyn. 1) Any advice or words of wisdom? 2) For upper year residents, fellows, and...
  15. ScienceIsArt

    Pills for cramps without Ibuprofen?

    Best Menstrual pain pill without Ibuprofen? Are there any pills better than Tylenol without damaging? How do those differentiate with Tylenol? Both ALEVE and MIDOL are NAPROXEN. There's MIDOL, containing caffeine which isn't recommended during menstruation cycle. The MIDOL Teen version doesn't...
  16. Researcher101

    Best menstrual pill without Ibuprofen?

    I'm allergic to Motrin which is an Ibuprofen. What is the best pill you recommend for cramps? I've always taken Tylonol but sometimes it feels like it doesn't work as well. If there's something better I'd rather take that. I've been told about Midol but isn't caffeine supposed to be avoided? I...
  17. PTAwesome

    PTA Specialization?

    I've applied to PTA school and will get my acceptance/rejection letter in the mail any day now (cross your fingers for me!). I've done 40 hours of observation work and one question I've asked everyone and received mixed answers on is just how specialized a PTA can become. I realize that the...
  18. A

    Where can I find the detailed curriculum of US medical schools and some other questions?

    Hi everyone! This is my first thread here and I don't know if it's in the a appropriate place on not. I study in a medical school in a developing country. We study too much stuff. I tried to stick to board review books like First Aid book and MTB 2 and 3. But I am still bad compared to my peers...
  19. A.han

    Elective summer rotation in Dublin

    Dear members, I'm a final year medical student in Saudi Arabia, I'm planning to apply for an elective rotation this summer in the Ob/Gyn department.. Can you please recommend some teaching and well-known hospitals in dublin.. and it's my first time taking an elective abroad, do I need to...