1. Future Dr. Juice

    Chances of getting into postbacc?

    Hi everyone, I am new to SDN and I am looking for help in regards to my chances of getting into a career changer post-bacc program. I have one semester left in undergrad and I will be graduating this December, 2020. I am a psychology major at an HBCU with a current cumulative GPA of a 3.43, I...
  2. K

    MD What are my chances?

    I am a black male applicant, and am planning to study for the MCAT rigorously for 6 months. I have always been a good test taker and aiming for a 520+ on the MCAT. my GPA is a 3.5 and my sGPA is around a 3.1. I have 2 years of research experience. I have 100 hours of non-clinical...
  3. mandyads

    MD & DO SMP & Early Apply MD/DO

    Hi All, I am currently in a one-year, 37-credit SMP at a new DO school (3rd cycle coming up) in Texas. I had moved to the area due to a military partner and was hoping to pursue medical education again after 3 years out of school. I found out the medical school I was interested in had a...
  4. K

    MD Howard University MD Entry 2019

    Hi Everyone! Quick question, has anyone been accepted to HU's med program for the spring/ fall of 2019? I did my undergrad at howard as a bio major. I was interviewed in October and haven't heard anything back. Any chances of me getting in? :( I'm starting to lose hope. I got waitlisted.
  5. dhb10

    Other HBCU vs Non-HBCU residency - Family Medicine

    Hi, I am a URM rising MS4 at a so ranked "mid tier" medical school applying into family medicine. I had a fantastic time at my school and loved everything about my experience, including the training and especially that we had a big minority community. I remember having a hard time turning down...
  6. T

    Chances of getting into HBCU M.D

    Hello, I want some advice on what people think my chances are of getting into Howard, Meharry, Morehouse, or UCLA Drew. I am a 22 year old Black female Ohio resident. SGPA: 3.3 CGPA: 3.52 MCAT: 499 most recent 503 EC: camp counselor, cellist, theatre, choir, 120+ community volunteering, 50+...
  7. C

    Howard University / HBCUs financial aid

    To those(URM) accepted at Howard and other HBCUs, were the HBCUs generous with offering you good financial aid/scholarships?
  8. O

    Chances of getting into HOWARD MEDICAL SCHOOL 2017-2018

    I am applying for the upcoming cycle, hoping to be among the class of 2022 of Howard's Medical Program. My Overall GPA is a 3.54 and my SGPA is a 3.27. I got a 505 on the MCAT. These are my ECs: -I have 800 clinical hours with an ophthalmologist that was also a Howard Med grad. -I've worked...
  9. Just1voice

    Howard (HBCU) Medical School Music Video Parody

  10. elliejellybean

    How to make myself a stronger canidate for the next cycle?