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  1. C

    Touro Montana vs Burrell

    Hi y'all! I am struggling to decide between these two. Tuition is comparable between the two as well as class size. Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine in Las Cruces, New Mexico Pros Closer to home (but still quite a drive as I am a Texas resident) Pass/fail grading system Small town vibes...
  2. Dentistry.masterd

    Help deciding on a job

    Hi! I have 2 job offers that I'm trying to decide between and as a newer dentist, any advice or help would be appreciated. I'm a general dentist btw. Current back ground: I mainly do fillings, crown/bridge and a lot of dentures (which I hate doing). My offices don't do any endo so I have...
  3. L

    TUNCOM vs WVSOM vs LMU-DCOM vs (EVMS - maybe)

    I really need advice. Please help! I have been blessed to be accepted to three osteopathic schools: LMU-DCOM, WVSOM, and TUNCOM. I am waiting to hear back from LECOM. I did my post-bacc at EVMS and was interviewed by them and am on the "mid-tier" of their waitlist right now. EVMS is my top...
  4. Irene Mariam

    Forensic science as pre med

    I'm planning on choosing BSc Forensics as my premed in Canada. Do you think there's any scope for it there in case I don't get into med school? Will a Masters in Forensics help me land a stable job with a stable income?
  5. N

    3.7/501/TX. Schools to Apply to.

    Hello everyone: I would like to apply as to many medical schools as possible. But I don’t know where I would have a decent chance to get in. I have an undergrad degree in Healthcare management and a minor in Biology. I have a masters in healthcare management with a concentration in analytics...
  6. C


  7. C

    Help!: FIU HWCOM vs Creighton U

    FIU: Pros: 1. In state and cheaper 2. My family lives 10 minutes from the school 3. I did my undergrad here 4. High diversity 5. Good research opportunities 6. Community focused curriculum 7. High Step 1 scores Cons: 1. High cost of living 2. Low research funding 3. Driving to clinical...
  8. T

    Help me decide: KCU-Joplin vs WVSOM vs Nova

    Hello, I could really use some knowledgeable insight to help me make my decision. I am planning on going the IM route for residency and would like to end up in or as close to DC as possible, as that’s where my partner will be. Not sure how much the school (in my case) impacts that possibility. I...
  9. J


    Hello everyone! So I really need help in starting over or completing my pre-med undergrad degree and I'm TOTALLY lost as to where and how to start. A little about me before I let the questions pour our. So I'm a 27 year old woman, wife and mom to 3 beautiful kids (aged 6,4, and almost 2). Due...
  10. C


    Hello All!! I am having trouble deciding between two schools PCOM-PA and VCOM-VA. I have to decide soon to put a deposit down! For reference, I am from a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. PCOM is about 4.5 hours and VCOM is about 5.5 hours. The closer the better. I have visited both schools after the...