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Jan 14, 2021
Hello, I could really use some knowledgeable insight to help me make my decision. I am planning on going the IM route for residency and would like to end up in or as close to DC as possible, as that’s where my partner will be. Not sure how much the school (in my case) impacts that possibility. I am a FL resident, so the high Nova OOS tuition doesn’t apply. I know there are issues with past board scores but I’ve read from current students the curriculum is being adjusted and improving? Otherwise, based on my knowledge I see KCU and WVSOM relatively equal? I want to go to the best school I am offered- I will be fine living in any of the above. Please keep comments respectful. Thanks in advance!


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Feb 6, 2020
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I would say KCU is the superior school of the three but as the cliche goes med school is what you make of it. In terms of landing in DC, it would seem that neither of the three provides a distinct advantage but I would say WVSOM has a slight edge due to its proximity. From what I saw KCU is the cheaper of the three (its normal tuition is less than NOVA IS :O) not to mention the cost of living is higher in SoFlo. You should be good for IM with either of the three as DOs match into IM well. I am probably biased because I plan on matriculating to KCU but I would say if you're priority is eventually being in DC with your significant other then go to WVSOM.
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