help with med school list

  1. D

    MD 3.99/518 Help me narrow down my school list

    Hi! I have 32 schools on my list at the moment but I'd like to narrow it down a bit, preferably without making it super top-heavy. Here's the breakdown of my app: cGPA: 3.99, sGPA: 4.00 MCAT: 518 (129/130/128/131) State of residency: NJ Ethnicity/race: ORM Undergraduate institution: T50...
  2. deus_dominus

    School list help!! (MD ORM, cGPA 3.89, sGPA 3.86, 511 MCAT)

    Hi guys!! I am making this post to get help with making my school list as I get ready to apply for this upcoming cycle! Any feedback on my school list or what I should do for my application would be amazing. Thanks in advance!!! Stats/Background State: Maryland, ORM (AA), graduating senior...
  3. M

    Pls help - School List/WAMC (3.92, 517)

    Hi all, I'm struggling to make a school list because I think I'm wayyy to top-heavy. Does anyone have advice on what schools I should add and if I am even competitive enough for T10 and T20s? be brutally honest :) Ideally, id want to be in a city in the northeast for med school tho, if...
  4. psyflgirl

    Help with school list

    Hello, I just got my MCAT score back and I am trying to figure out what schools to apply to. My stats are not great so I am submitting to around 15 to 20 schools plus DO schools. MCAT 505 125/127/126/127, cGPA 3.52 sGPA 3.22, Hispanic female, born and raised in a rural area in an island in the...
  5. gu5andr3

    MD WAMC: 3.91 cGPA, 3.85sGPA, 523 MCAT, URM & Disadvantaged

    Hey everyone! I just looked at my AMCAS sGPA and didn't realize it was a 3.85. I already sent in my apps under the assumption that my sGPA was close to my cGPA. I'm just curious if you guy think I'm overshooting? Also if you have any suggestions for other schools to add to my list, I'd really...
  6. Go4Doc

    Building a School List

    Hello! I'm an aspiring MD/PhD student with plans on applying for the first time next summer. I'm extremely confident that this is the right type of program for me and according to some of the guides on this site I should be a pretty strong applicant. However, I am aware that this is the most...
  7. Iconic Bond

    Help Finalizing List. 511 MCAT, 3.9 sGPA

    Hi guys, I’m looking for some help with the list of schools I’m applying to this cycle and would appreciate any ideas/criticism. Info: State of residence: New York Undergrad: Stony Brook cGPA: 3.86, sGPA: 3.9 MCAT Score: 511 (129/126/129/127) 86th percentile 40 hours clinical...
  8. NucleusO

    MD & DO cGPA 3.22 sGPA 3.04 graduateGPA 3.8 MCAT 514

    Californian Resident - Asian Female 26 yrs old First person in my family to go to college, from low-income family and underserved neighborhood Undergrad - UC Berkeley (Major - Molecular and Cell Biology) - bad sGPA, but there is a slight upward trend - Took some post bac courses at UCLA...
  9. I

    Med School list help?

    Hi guys, Applying for the 2017 cycle, need to finalize my list by June 24th I think. I'm a CA resident, graduate from UCLA cGPA = 3.79 sGPA = 3.72. 516 MCAT. Solid extracurriculars, one publication. Let me know if I should add or delete any! Albany Albert Einstein Baylor Boston Drexel Duke...