hospital pharmacy

  1. S_mitchh

    Night Shift/3rd Shift Hospital Inpatient Pharmacists

    Where are my fellow 3rd shift pharmacists at? I work in a teaching hospital that is a level 1 trauma center that has 500+ beds. We also cover our psych hospital that isn't on campus but will be come this fall. We only have 2 pharmacists on duty at night and 3 techs. We (pharmacists) work seven...
  2. P

    Applying for hospital positions

    I graduated this year and I am applying for hospital positions, mostly in the rural area. I have not received any interviews. So far I have been applying with a one-page resume, cover letter and references (when asked). Would it be better to apply with my CV instead of resume? Granted, its...
  3. Gdelgado7155

    Which pharmacy school is better for residency purposes?

    Hi everyone, I recently got accepted to PBA, LECOM, and USF. I just wanted someone to shed some light on which program would be better for residency and being matched. Also pros and cons of each school. Any feedback would be great!
  4. B

    New grad in retail, seeking to transition to a more clinical role. Help!

    Just wondering if there are any clinical/hospital pharmacists that didn't get a residency right out of school yet still found their way into a hospital. Did you try for a residency again the next year? Also; are there any good sites to download clinical pharmacy ebooks? I'm trying to retain my...
  5. PromisedNeverland

    Hospital pharmacy TB test requirement

    Hello ya'll, quick question regarding working at a hospital pharmacy. They require a TB test and I was wondering...how often do you need to do this test ? I volunteered at a hospital during my high school years and I'm sure I did a TB test then, it should still be valid right (Been more than 10...
  6. J

    Pay Raises for Inpatient Pharmacy Technicians?

    Greetings Everyone! While doing a little research on the differences in pay between hospital and retail pharmacy technicians, I came across a post that I thought was interesting and worth looking into a bit further. As an inpatient pharmacy technician, do you receive pay raises upon completion...
  7. yorkie212

    Which hospital shift is better 7am-3pm or 9am to 5pm?

    Which hospital shift is better 7am-3pm or 9am to 5pm? I will work at an outpatient pharmacy at Kaiser and wanted to know which shift is better, or is it all the same
  8. A

    Experience with CVS

    So, I'm applying for pharm school next year. I've been working as a tech at CVS for a few months now, but all I hear about is the negative stigma CVS has.. I recently got offered a job at Medicine Shoppe and one in a local clinic. (I already volunteer in a hospital pharmacy) Should I switch...
  9. tongiecc

    How is your hospital addressing the Carbapenem shortage?

    Hey guys! I'm sure your hospital is already experiencing challenges getting in any mero/dori/imi penem, what are you doing to get around this? Just rec alternative ABX? We have tried to stock some odd ready to mix minibags but have not been able to obtain a large supply. I contacted the...