1. T

    Please Evaluate Hospitalist Opportunity

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get some thoughts from people on a hospitalist gig I was offered. It is just outside a large NE city. Here are the highlights: Half days, half night - 7 on/off, 12 hour shifts Half non-teaching days (census average 14-15, 1-2 admits per day), half teaching nights...
  2. J

    Is USACS good option for a hospitalist job post residency?

    Hello, I was offered a job at USACS for hospitalist position post residency and I wanted to know what others think. I have read countless comments from the Emergency medicine side saying that USACS is bad, but I can not seem to find anybody on the hospitalist side. The hourly rate being...
  3. S

    Hospitalist job

    Thoughts on this offer for someone fresh out of residency? -225K+RVUs -7 on/7 off -daily census 30-35, follow ups only. All h&p’s done by admitting doc in ED. -no mid-level support -round and leave when done -no procedures, open icu -great hospital with good support staff and specialists...
  4. N

    Hospitalist job offer 220K base + production/quality

    I am currently a PGY-2 in a community hospital in the east coast. While I was initially interested in a specialty career, I find the hospitalist gig attractive. I have a senior who received the above offer. It is for an academic hospital in Pennsylvania, working 7 on/7 off schedule in a...
  5. M

    international vs US graduates

  6. L

    Other CV and Cover letter help for first job

    Dear all, Is there a different forum I should post this question? I just wrote my first Cover letter for an internist job position. Mine is very personal. Almost like a story. All the examples in internet are very professional and only talks about their abilities and skills. What is ideal...
  7. A

    Are Hem/Onc docs paid less than hospitalists in general?

    I heard from a current Hem/Onc fellow that hospitalists are paid higher than Hem/Onc specialists. I thought Hem/Onc had greater salaries, almost on par with Pulm/Crit and Cardiology, so I was just wondering how far was true. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Alienman52

    IM/Hospitalist Salary in NYC/Long Island

    Hello all, I've done quite some research on this topic but was unable to come up with a definitive answer, so I'd like to turn it over to the sdn community and ask. What is a typical starting salary/5-6 year experience salary for an IM hospitalist in NYC/Long Island area? Medscape 2016 young...
  9. A

    PSLF / 501C3 Hospitalist Jobs

    I am a PGY-3 IM resident. I am planning on being a hospitalist next year. I have a pretty horrid loan situation and I am thinking of taking advantage of the PSLF program. I am beginning the process of my job search for next year but I honestly have no clue where to start. My personal and work...
  10. O

    j waiver hospitalist position

    We have openings available for J-1 waiver candidates and cap subject h1-b hospitalists in New Mexico. Block scheduling, 12 hour shifts and significant income in a place where your money goes a very long ways. Please contact Mike at [email protected] for additional information.
  11. White Plains Hospital

    Hospitalist and Nocturnist - Full time

    White Plains Hospital has a reputation for both clinical excellence and outstanding personalized care. We are a growing Hospital and physician network, part of the Montefiore Health System. Our expanding Adult Hospitalist Program is seeking exceptional candidates interested in Full Time Night...