1. Mr.Smile12

    HPSA/SDN article archive

    HPSA/SDN Resources/Articles for preparing for Casper/Altus Suite 1) Casper Test 101: What Casper is and How to Prepare in 2022 - SDN 2) From the Creators of CASPer: What You Need to Know About the CASPer Test - SDN 3) How to Prepare For Any CASPer Test Scenario - SDN 4) CASPer for Medical...
  2. M

    WesternU vs. Colorado (OOS)

    Hey everyone! This is my first post so please go easy on me! I recently got accepted to the DMD program and WesternU and the DDS program at CU. I am a CA resident so do not qualify for in-state at CU unfortunately :confused: I was wondering where everyone thought was a better school to go to...
  3. M

    Military PT Information

    Hello! I am a pre-physical therapy student actively working on my undergrad. I absolutely want to be a therapist in the military, but I was hoping to become one through the military (for assistance with tuition and all that jazz). I am stuck between the Army and the Air Force, I have done lots...
  4. G


    Hi everyone, I am a junior currently. I transferred from a two year college to a 4 year this semester. I am wondering...when I apply to med school, will my gpa from the two year school count in my gpa calculations that calculate the gpa med schools will see? Or will only my gpa for these last...
  5. A


    Hi guys, I'm Ale. I'm an italian student who would like to be a doctor in the future. So I will tell you what is going on. Today I was talking to a friend of my parents, who is a doctor too, and he told me that if I really want to become a doctor, it's better for me to go study abroad. Now, i...
  6. G


    Hi, I am currently a sophomore in undergrad at a community college here in the U.S. I was wondering a few things....1) Are there med schools in any other country or countries that are of the same quality and cheaper than the U.S.? 2) if so, where are they? And is it possible for me to attend...
  7. Orangia

    Advice on my current school List Please!

    Hi everyone! I'm a Vermont resident and applying out of state in all cases. I am trying to save some money on tuition and so i'm applying to a few school's that allow students to acquire IS tuition after a year. Below is list is kind of meant to be an exhaustive list of good schools with a...
  8. Y

    Figure 1: Medical app

    Hi! I'm a medical student and recently became an ambassador for the medical app Figure 1. The app lets doctors, nurses, medical students and other health care professionals share medical cases with the world. They often share knowledge, ask for help with treatment/diagnosis (you have to be a...
  9. S

    medication information in hospitals

    I'm asking for change in the way hospitals operate I think it's wrong how they don't provide patients with what tablets their taking the benefits the side effects etc. when I challenged a member of hospital staff about this I was told that I needed to ask for it my reply was well why when you...
  10. P

    Additional Information Secondary Question

    Hi all, I've been browsing the various threads about this "additional information" secondary question and I have a question as to what I can/should put on it. Would it be ok for me to put down work/activities updates? Like for example I just got hired as a full-time research assistant and that...
  11. M

    DPT information session worth to go?

    Hi, everyone. I want to know what the benefit of coming PT school's information session. I don't have a car, so it takes me about 150$ to come to an information session in a 3 hours driving distance. I can think one of them is getting know the admission board earlier and before application...
  12. K

    Considering relocation to the Caribbean to practice dentistry--PLEASE help, information request

    I have been licensed to practice dentistry in Kansas (US) since 2003. My wife and I are considering relocation to the Caribbean in the very near future. I am hopeful I can buy/own a practice. I am looking for information regarding where I can practice, what the dental license requirements...
  13. Snaildog

    George Fox University

    Hello everyone, I recently got accepted into GFU and am really considering attending the program. There is little information online/from others that I can find. Since I interviewed with them I got a mild feel for what the program would be like. I wanted to know how everyone else felt about the...
  14. M

    Position Wanted FM Position in East Coast

    I am looking for a Second year family medicine position in the NY, CT, Philly, Jersey etc area. Please private message me if you have any information on openings. Thank you!!!