international dental student

  1. Claudillea

    California Schools 2021-2022 Application Cycle

    Has there been interview invites for California schools - International Dental Programs, like from UCLA, USC, Western, etc (i know UCSF already started sending out invites)?
  2. dentalbenchprep

    SF/Silicon Valley - Dental Bench Prep Course for International Dental Applicants! -

    Don't wait! Dental bench Prep is offering an Advanced Dental Bench Test preparation course for international dentists preparing to apply to US dental schools. We are accepting reservations for a limited number of seats left for the course starting in Silicon Valley/Bay Area, California from...
  3. Speck_90


    Hey everybody! Is anyone here in these programs and could help me out with some information about the application process? Thank you guys in advance and wish y'all a pleasent day
  4. D

    Bench Exam Prep Tips

    Hi, Can anyone who is preparing for the bench exam or has already gone through it share what you are using as reference to make preps? like any videos, books, etc. Also, please shed some light on any prep courses you may have attended and how useful you found them to be. Thanks!!
  5. S

    WhatsApp group to prep for NBDE I 2018

    International dentists willing to study along for NBDE part 1 to take it in 2018. Let's create a WhatsApp group!
  6. D

    OMFS Residency as an FTD?

    Being almost done my first year of Dental school and going to second year, I was lucky to get some exposure to a few of the dental specialties and OMFS caught my attention. It is to my understanding that in North America there are 4 and 6 year programs with the 6 year programs granting a MD. My...
  7. F

    practise in canada!!

    hello, can an international dentist practise in canada after clearing the NDEB exam? i mean do you get license to practise right away or is it that you have to join a dental school like how it is in USA? and also what is the scope and possibility of getting a PR and job opportunity after that...
  8. D

    International dentist practicing in USA

    Hi, I'm an international dentist in Australia planning to come to attend an American School for furthering my studies after dental school (GPR or residency). I understand I need to have an ADA approved dental degree in order to be able to practice in USA + getting accepted into residency or GPR...
  9. C

    Help needed at the earliest.

    Hello, Good day to everyone reading this thread. I finished my B.D.S degree and planning got doing DDS. Right at my first step, how do I proceed being an international student seeking admission.? I need part 1 flash cards and books for my preparation. If anyone interested to sell please do...
  10. M

    International Dental Student Transfer

    Hi I went to Dental School in the Dominican Republic and did not complete the program, I used WES to evaluate my transcripts and it said I have 4.5 out of 5 years completed from an accredited dental school. Anyone know how I could continue my dental education here in the USA? I am a citizen...