interview dates

  1. Jenobgyn

    OBGYN Residency Interview Swap 2021

    Hello! I thought this could be a spot for anyone looking to swap interview dates (one of the program coordinators recommended this). I am currently scheduled at University of Southern California/LAC+USC Medical Center for 11/19, and would love to switch to 11/12 or 12/3. OR switch from NYP...
  2. boundlesscorpuscle

    Should I inquire about later interview dates?

    Today I received an interview invitation from an excellent program. I was excited until I looked at the available dates. I will already be travelling to or attending other interviews for all but one of the available dates, and this is just a few days before the Christmas holiday. As such, plane...
  3. G

    Official Interview Thread c/o 2023

    Hey is there a thread for the class of 2023 regarding if interview offers have been sent out and to which schools? Thought I would check! Im sure everyone is anxiously waiting like me! Congrats on finishing apps!
  4. emgy

    Glaucoma Fellowship Application (apply 2018, start 2019)

    Anyone else out there applying to glaucoma fellowship? I thought I would start a thread. It is hard to know a ton about each program so if anyone has anything to add/share please do! Bascom Palmer Palm Beach (email 9/7) Interview Date: Nov 9 Boston (email 8/25) Interview Dates Sept 29, Oct 20...
  5. E

    Cornea Fellowship 2019-2020 (Applying in 2018)

    I thought I’d start a thread to track interviews invites and dates. Storm Eye Institue/MUSC: (email 8/13) Interview 9/14 Doheny Eye Center/UCLA: (email 8/23) Interview 9/26, 10/18 Ohio State: (email 8/23) Interview 10/19, 10/20 Loma Linda: (email 8/28) Interview 9/10, 9/24, AAO Dean McGee...
  6. Saisri_PharmStdnt

    Creighton SPAHP Fall of 2019 Important Dates (Pharmacy)

    For anyone else who may be interested in the important dates for the Fall of 2019 (Class of 2023) Pharmacy cycle: Important Dates for the Fall 2019 Admission Cycle Cycle Opens: July 2018 Early Decision Deadline: September 4, 2018 Preferred Deadline: November 1, 2018 Final Deadline: March 1...
  7. V

    Advanced Standing Dental Program (International) - Interview / Bench Tests - 2019-2021

    Hi All, I have submitted for few universities / colleges Advanced Standing Dental Program(s) or International Dental Program(s) during May 2018 and June 2018. I would like to know what are the tentative dates for Interview or Bench Tests. Appreciate any information around next steps like...
  8. M

    Endodontic Residency Interviews 2019

    Lets keep a running list of interview dates. As you get them please update this list with the date(s) of the interview, and how you got the invite (phone or email). Please use the other ENDO 2019 thread for other questions regarding applications. University of Alabama at Birmingham-July 13...
  9. Dre@mer

    UCSF pharmacy class of 2021, applied Nov. Fall 2017

    I could not find a thread for UCSF so I wanted to start one, I am assuming since they are a three year curriculum now the class is the same as last years threads. I applied November 2017. Has anyone gotten interview invites yet?!
  10. L

    Dental school Interview Timeframe

    I'm trying to plan out my senior year and was just wondering if yall know when out-of-state schools usually give out interviews? What is the typical timeframe for interviews? Or if any of you guys are from Cali, what's the timeline for interviews for UCLA or UCSF or other California schools?
  11. J

    2017-2018 OU College of Medicine Application Cycle

    Hello everyone! I have been scouring forums from past years, trying to get an understanding of OU's timeline for interview offers and other application dates. I thought I would start a thread where people can discuss their information and personal experience from this application cycle (for...
  12. T

    2017-2018 Interview Thread -- Radiology

    I just submitted my ERAS and finally became a member of SDN (after lurking for many years). I found a thread from previous years that was really beneficial for radiology applicants (2016-2017 Interview Thread). I think an interview date thread would be useful for all applicants this year too...
  13. doctorbunny

    **OBGYN Match 2018: Apps, Interviews, Results Discussion

    Less than a week before apps go out, and these threads are pretty quiet. Anybody out there applying this fall for OBGYN? Its a lazy football Sunday, so I made a document for us. Instead of the typical long obscure interview thread, we can do a Googledoc like some of the other specialities so...
  14. B

    Competitiveness without Step 2 CS? Deadline?

    Hi everyone, I'm an international medical student graduating December this year. My plan is to ideally participate in the next match (opening this year). However, I see that interviews start generally from October through January. I have only passed Step 1 (with a competitive score, I think)...
  15. O

    PhD/PsyD Calendar for APA Accredited PhD Program Invitation and Interview day

    Hi all, Recently the web site ClinicalPsychGradSchool.org contacted all of the APA accredited psychology PhD and PsyD programs and put together a calendar including some useful interview deadlines and dates. The calendar includes application deadlines, dates that programs sent out interview...
  16. Vrachika

    Need Advice-Attend Back to Back interviews or change a date

    So, last friday I received my first two interviews...4 hours apart from each other. I am of course excited but I have a bit of a dilemma. They are on back to back days. The frist interview I received is for 11/9. I was called about this interview and offered a date mid October (that I couldn't...
  17. mcbnerd

    Interview date and acceptance chance?

    I received my first interview request today and every date was full except in January. Does having a later interview date affect my chances of getting accepted? Thanks!
  18. B

    Interview scheduling - 3 days in a row too much?

  19. mayhugs

    15-16 Comprehensive Interview Dates

    Hi, friends! Here's a list I put together (with the help of @akakakakak ) showing the 2015-2016 cycle's interview dates. Everything is updated and complete! Please take the info with a grain of salt. I didn't double check for accuracy, and everything is pulled from the threads from last year...
  20. G

    2016-17 gyn onc fellowship interviews

    Any news on interview offers this season?
  21. S

    What months do pulm/cc programs interview mostly?

    Hi everyone, As interview season approaches, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what months are typically interview-heavy for applicants going for pulmonary/cc? I hear it varies by medicine specialty (i.e. GI apparently interviews October/November), it would help a lot in requesting...
  22. V

    University of Colorado Interview information

    So i have an interview for UC SDM on jan 12 and im excited!! I have alot of questions if anyone can help me out. Does anyone know the Interview/acceptance schedule? What I mean by this is that (for example) VCU has its first wave of interviews before december than the first wave of...
  23. B

    Past PsyD/PhD Students: When did interview offers sent?

    Hello! I'm applying to PhD/PsyD programs for Clinical Psych at a bunch of schools in the Chicago/Florida/New York area. I was wondering when everyone got their offer for INTERVIEWS