1. C

    how to decide when similar cost?

  2. D

    Where To Go From Here?

    I applied only to Iowa this past cycle and got an interview, but was denied - I was wondering what is necessary for my application to be competitive at the schools I listed when I apply next cycle. Overall GPA: 3.35 Science GPA: 3.15 DAT score: AA: 19, BIO: 18, GC: 18, OC: 18 QR: 20, RC: 19...
  3. V

    How is the University of Iowa effected by not accepting Medicaid patients?

    Im curious about how students are effected and how the school is
  4. MarriedtoScience

    2 years undergrad remaining... what can I do to be more competitive applicant?

  5. P

    Samford University vs. University of Iowa (entering fall 2018)

    I've been accepted to multiple schools but these are my top two choices. I have no idea which one to accept and am just looking for a little input. Help!
  6. 0


  7. BlackStar90

    IOWA post-baccalaureate research education program

    Hey everyone! I am wondering if anyone has heard of this program and/or any success stories from people doing this program. PREP: Post-Baccalaureate Research Education Program | I plan on applying to this program. I'm currently getting my masters in Biomedical Science and I'll be finish with...
  8. F

    Question about Carver College of Medicine

    On their secondary application, under part D, it asks if you consider yourself a resident of Iowa. Then it later asks you to list your activities in the past 3 years IF you consider yourself to be IS for Carver. Could anyone provide thoughts on this portion? I have lived in Iowa for over a year...
  9. N

    Rank Public Midwest Schools

    Hi everyone, just curious, but how would you rank the Midwest public schools? Also, what tiers would you divide them into (high, mid, low)? Midwest states are: North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio Thanks!
  10. D

    Iowa State c/o 2022 applicants

    Hey, all. I've seen quite a few people post elsewhere about possibly applying to ISU for the c/o 2022, but a separate thread hadn't been started yet, so I figured I'd do the honors! I'll be a second year vet student coming this fall, so I should be able to answer most questions about Ames, the...
  11. M

    Weak state ties better than no state ties?

    I saw there were some threads about what constitutes strong state ties but my questions are a bit different as those threads all seemed to be about specific examples. There are a few public schools to which I want to apply, and I know my ties aren't strong to their respective states, but I was...
  12. N

    Saint Louis vs. Iowa

    Hi everyone, So I was just taken off the waitlist for Iowa, and I'm having a lot of trouble deciding where to go. Here's a list of the pros and cons for both schools: Saint Louis +pros: true pass/fail curriculum, bigger city, felt like I really "connected" with the students better here and...
  13. U

    I need help choosing a school

    I am having a bit of a dilemma right now and any feedback would be appreciated. I've already looked at the threads for both Iowa and Illinois vet schools and am still indecisive. Anyway, I was accepted to Illinois and was planning on going there, but Iowa recently contacted me to let me know...
  14. 1

    University of Iowa Dental IS vs. OOS

    Hello! I will attend Drake University as a rising Junior this year. I would love to attend the University of Iowa Dental School, but I am an OOS student (MN). Having gone to undergrad in state (Des Moines, IA), is it more likely for me to be admitted to the program?
  15. O

    Wisconsin vs. Iowa

    I am down to Wisconsin and Iowa and believe that I would be happy at either. I am just curious to know if anyone has thoughts that I have not considered. I have two major considerations: 1) My career interests are in population/public health, primary care delivery, and health policy. I have...
  16. Falconette85

    Iowa State University c/o 2021!

    Hey there all you pre-vets c/o 2021 applicants! Who's getting anxious for the application process this summer/fall? Who has taken their GRE? That's on my to-do-list :-P
  17. U

    Update in requirements for University of Iowa Orthodontic candidates

    https://www.dentistry.uiowa.edu/orthodontics-residency-application Faculty in the University of Iowa Department of Orthodontics feel that residency program participation in the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program is fair and beneficial to applicants. We also feel that it is in the long-term...
  18. B

    Briar Cliff U

  19. D

    Would these schools be mid-tier or low-tier?

    Just wondering... what is your general impression of the "tier" these following schools belong to (mid or low): Saint Louis Temple George Washington Rochester Iowa Tufts