1. piaisthemater


    Did anyone else feel like the ASH ITE this week had a large percentage of basic science questions? Any good resources for studying this aspect for the exam? Currently using heme onc questions, MD Anderson review lectures, study materials passed down within my program but didn't really see the...
  2. A

    Looking for a study partner for CA1- ITE

    Looking for a study partner for CA1- ITE. Please reach out to me those who are interested.
  3. A

    Studying for the ITE/BASIC + M5 & TrueLearn discounts

    Hey everyone! I've gotten a lot of questions from the new CA1s in our program [I'm a current CA2] about studying for the ITE & the BASIC as well as general resources out there. We recently secured discounts from M5 & TrueLearn that I'm sure others could benefit from. So, I've written an...
  4. S

    Old ITE Questions...

    Preparing for my Written Part 1 (old format, basic and clinical combined).. took a look at the 1991 old/retired questions. 175 of them for Book A only. Got 65% taking it cold with no prep. Just wanted to see where I stand. IMO the questions were poorly written and it seems they were...
  5. S

    Can you help? Need ITE percentile tables for 2002 & 2003

    Hi, I guess I'm seeking the "experienced" folks here (meaning, getting old...) ;) :help: Even at my advanced age, I'm looking to doing a fellowship. This means digging out old records, some of which I never thought I'd need again. ITE scores? I thought the point of the ITE was to help evaluate...
  6. M

    Free internal medicine review offers free review notes in power point format as well as free questions in internal medicine. Applicable to family medicine and medical school students as well. New lectures every Friday and Monday, new questions every Sunday
  7. W

    Best book for intern year (baby miller vs the new baby barash)

    I am trying to pick a first book to read during intern year. I am looking for a good basic book that is easy to read. I want something that will be good preparation for the ITE and give me a head start going in to CA1 year. From reading other threads it looks like baby miller might fit that...
  8. C

    M5 Correlation to ITEs

    As a PGY1 last year, I scored 94% percentile on ITEs. Figured that was because other PGY-1s didn't know much. I've been doing M5 and it seems like I'm getting 70-75% of those questions right. How does this correlate to ITEs? Are ITEs harder or easier than M5? My goal is to get over 90%...
  9. ArtemisEntreri

    Pain ITE

    Hi all, I'm working on ERAS for the upcoming fellowship application for pain. Do any of you guys know how to send programs our ITE scores under this new system? It looks like ERAS lets you upload surgery ABSITE scores but that's it. I didn't see much on random program websites as many seem to...