1. OngoGablogianMD

    Jefferson vs. VCU

    Facing a really tough decision after getting off the WL at VCU (was not expecting WL movement this late!). I am a non-trad student currently living in Philly, but my fiance is from Virginia and has a lot of family in Richmond. Both schools seem like a great fit with little to really...
  2. maqlubainmybelly

    UICOM (Chicago) vs Jefferson

    I have been given the privilege to attend either the University of Illinois Chicago College of Medicine or Sidney Kimmel Medical College. I feel very lost and would love any feedback. I am an International Student and have never been to the States, any input or help that anyone could spare would...
  3. Q

    Miami vs Jefferson vs Tufts

    Wanted thoughts on these schools and their relative prestige differences, seems that both produce great grads and all have ample opportunities for research. What does everyone think about these schools, especially relative to one another? Especially for a future career in surgery?
  4. D

    Sidney Kimmel Medical College: MD-MBA/MHA or MD/MPH?

    Hello folks, I have recently gotten admission to my dream medical school and now upon more research, I found a few different areas of study I would like to look into as well (offered by the school). Either I can work on an MBA/MHA or I can work on an MPH in association with my medical degree...
  5. medshousing

    Roommate New Medshousing.com room listed in Philadelphia

    As posted on www.Medshousing.com Cozy fully furnished bedroom available in a 2-bedroom-1 bath apartment with a patio and one female roommate. Washer and dryer in the basement. The house is located on a quiet street in Fairmount, just half a mile from the Art Museum steps and less than a mile...
  6. N

    Jefferson College of Pharmacy: Did anyone apply?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone applied to Jefferson and got an interview? Also for current students, is it hard to maintain a 3.0 GPA?
  7. O

    Temple vs Jefferson

    I got accepted to both Jefferson and Temple. I'm torn on which one to choose though. Which one is better and why?
  8. Crocognar

    VCU vs Jeff vs UVA

    Hey everyone, Pretty glad I have a choice, but now I have no idea what to do. Background: From Virginia, want to match in Cali (born and raised there), probably gas, opthal, or rads. I feel like my situation is more or less Cost vs Lifestyle vs Prestige. VCU: ++ Great scholarship offer...
  9. D

    Cincinnati vs. Jefferson

    I've been accepted to the University of Cincinnati and waitlisted at TJU. I really liked the vibe of TJ on interview day and fell in love with Philly! Cincinnati also seems to be a great school, but I just didn't get a great vibe from it from interview day. Cincy is also ranked P/F, which isn't...
  10. Asclepius293

    Wayne State (Full Ride) vs Jefferson (Loans or HPSP)

    Hey all! Posed this as an extension of a military med thread I made a few days ago, but figured I'd also post it in this thread for feedback. I was recently offered full tuition at Wayne State University. However, I was also accepted to Sidney Kimmel Medical College (Thomas Jefferson...
  11. Asclepius293

    Reasons for HPSP vs USU?

    Hey all, Down to the wire in my decision making between Navy HPSP at Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia or Navy at USU. Anyone here that made a similar decision and has some insight? USU Pros: -O-1 salary during med school, zero cost of attendance, cool travel opportunities, camaraderie, better...
  12. J

    Jefferson vs. Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson

    I narrowed down my school list to Jefferson and RWJMS. I am an NJ resident, so the difference in tuition will be about 15k per year (60k over the 4 years). Either way, both schools are going to put me over 200k in debt. It'll be 200k for RWJMS vs. about 260k for Jefferson. I liked Jefferson...
  13. V

    Need Help Making Decision - UMASS vs Jefferson

    I'll make two quick points first - yes I do realize that I am very lucky that I even get to make a decision and yes I realize that I'm posting in medical student forum, although it makes a lot more sense to ask you guys vs other premeds. I've been accepted to UMass and Jefferson (inb4 not...
  14. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    Chances, 3.68/512, reapplicant

  15. R

    Rochester vs Jefferson vs BU

    hi all! I'm having a hard time deciding between these three and would appreciate any feedback. here are some of my thoughts so far- Jefferson- did undergrad in Philly and know/love the city. Less research $ than the others and ranks lower. Students seem very happy BU- would be totally new to...
  16. T

    Program-Specific Info / Q's Jefferson College of Health Sciences OT 2015-2016

    Has anyone heard from Jefferson College of Health Sciences ?
  17. G

    Information needed about Post-bac program Interviews (Temple, Bryn Mawr, Jefferson)

    Hi all, I finished undergrad a little less than three years ago and was a non-science major. Over the course of the last few months I have decided to change gears and become a physician. I need to get the pre-reqs for med school completed, and I am going to do this through a post-bac program...
  18. F

    Physician Shortage Area Program at Sidney Kimmel Medical College

    Hello everyone! I applied to Jefferson's PSAP for this cycle and have not heard from them yet. I am still sitting with the "decision pending" portal status. I was wondering if any of you applied to PSAP or are currently completing it now, and if anyone can shed some light on the timeline of...
  19. A

    Thomas Jefferson Pharmacy Class of 2020

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone else decided on Jefferson yet? I haven't met anyone else in the class of 2020.