june mcat

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  2. P

    Is taking the MCAT mid june too late or leads to any consequences for TMDAS/Texas medical schools?

  3. M

    MCAT 2018

    I'm struggling to get through the readings in the review books (ExamKrackers) since it's boring. Also I find I do not learn as well from just reading and do better if it is taught outloud in a lecture. I know Khan Academy offers MCAT review videos and was wondering if just watching those and...
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  5. Asclepius293

    4 Days till MCAT! Tips on what to do till then?

    Hey SDN family, Taking my mcat in about 4 days! Any tips from former test takers about the best way to spend this time? Feeling relatively confident. My test scores in order have been: Diagnostic - 499 Kaplan FL 6- 496 Kaplan FL 1- 499 Kaplan FL 2 through 6 - 504 AAMC Scored - 513...
  6. L

    13 Days to improve CARS

    Hi everyone, I made a SDN account solely to ask for advice on CARS. I seem to be spending 5-6 minutes reading the AAMC passages - they are so long! I try mapping the passage quickly, which helps me understand author's intent and meaning better but it does decrease my speed. I would appreciate...
  7. Asclepius293

    Push May 20 MCAT to June 2? Worth it?

    Hey everyone, I am currently scheduled to take my MCAT on May 20. I have been enrolled in a Kaplan course for the last 2 months or so but with school and research and work, I've done only the minimum of prep and review on top of my course. Thankfully, classes will be over on April 28 and that...
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    June 2nd mcat too late?

    Plan is to either take the mcat june 2 and get my scores july 6 or take the mcat may 20 and scores june 21. I will submit my primary right when it opens in june. I would love that extra 12 days to study but not if it will hurt my chances. Let me know what you think, thanks