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    Hi friends! I am having a tough time deciding which school is best and wanted some advice. ACOM ~Pros DO/MPH Ipad/laptop Trending upward board rates Housing essentially on campus Lots of flexibility during 4th year Heavy emphasis on clinical simulation Location (warmer and near beaches)...
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    Cities I have a love hate relationship with Indianapolis. I been here my whole life so I want to move but I like the cities and rotation sites. Kirksville is too small of a town for me and Biddeford is great because it’s small but only 30 mins from Portland. Rotation sites Love MU-COM rotation...
  4. abtazz12

    Must submit 7th letter of recommendation!

    Hey all, So I recently shadowed another DO (already have a LOR from one; already included and submitted with my AACOMAS application) and he is more than willing to write me a letter. The problem is that AACOMAS only allows 6 letters to be submitted, which I already have. The shadowing went...
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    Hi everyone, I have to ask you for some advice. So I've been accepted to VCOM-South Carolina and ATSU KCOM in Kirksville. I need to decide by this Friday between these two schools, and was hoping you had some advice or have heard a little bit about these schools. I loved so many things about...
  7. K

    ACOM vs KCOM

    Finally made an account cause I have an extremely hard decision to make and was hoping for some advice! The biggest worry I have about ACOM is that it is still new and hasn't graduated a class yet. For KCOM I am worried I will have a hard time adjusting to the small town( I am from Houston)...
  8. Camacho Mt. Dew

    KCOM and the iPad

    Hello all - I was hoping to get some more information in regards to the iPad and how it is utilized at KCOM. I tried googling some of these questions and poked around the ATSU bookstore, but did not find the information I was looking for. 1. Are we able to purchase our iPads through a source...
  9. D

    Clinical Rotations by School

    Hello all, after going through DO school and being a resident for a bit, I have noticed that the single most determining factor to DO perception and success in residency stems from the 3rd and 4th year clinical rotations. In all honesty, this is the major difference between DO and MD training...