lab animal

  1. D

    Surgery residency, alt specialties

    Hi all, I’m a 4th year student applying for internships. Im interested in surgery, neurology, and comp med/lab animal. I keep being drawn to surgery as a specialty as it would offer the most opportunity (and I enjoy surgery) - I would be able to do neurologic surgeries in addition to other...
  2. I

    Tips on getting used to restraining aggressive rodents or prairie voles specifically?

    Hello everyone, I have a lot of experience working with mice, but just started in a new lab where ill also be working with prairie voles. Honestly, Im not the most comfortable working with animals as I've never grown up around any really. So working with my mice probably took more getting...
  3. vbcarrier4

    Internship/residency for lab animal med?

    Hi all, this may be extremely pre-mature of me but I tend to worry a bunch. I am a first year and have finished the first rounds of exams in my classes and I am currently at a C+/B range for all my classes. I've picked out a few clubs I want to join but don't have any leadership positions...
  4. McDanji

    Lab Animal Residency

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some advice on a residency program. I'm finished with school in late September and was wondering if there are lab animal residency programs available before the match in July? My backup plan would be to take a GP job if I have to wait for the match, but I would...
  5. NeedleDrivers

    Know Your Worth?

    hey guys, So one of the most stressful questions asked in job interviews is the 'expected pay' portion of the discussion. For me, its really difficult to evaluate my worth-so how do you evaluate and compare yourselves to the industry standard? I've discussed with recent graduates in my area...
  6. Maineroot

    Help deciding on Experience Options. How Important is Lab Animal Experience?

    Hi there, I am going into my final year of undergrad and I am applying to veterinary school this Summer. I have been offered two employment positions on campus for next year and am having trouble deciding on which to take because I originally thought I would have enough time during the week to...