1. W

    Opposition to Proposed CACREP Mandate in Georgia

    A bill was just introduced in Georgia that would make graduates from five Master's programs in the state unable to become licensed as Professional Counselors. This bill would do two major things. First, it would ban anyone who doesn't have a degree from a CACREP program from becoming licensed as...
  2. myxiao

    MPH Is a JD/MPH worth it?

    I know this isn't a medical school topic, but I need some advice. I'm an undergrad at Rice University in Houston, TX. My goal is pretty specific; I want to do fieldwork in epidemiology for a number of years (infectious disease what EIP does) and then enter global health policy (WHO)...
  3. I

    January CPJE

    I’m taking mine the end of January using rxprep clinical and law to study. For those that took the exam already, How difficult was the exam ? What are some of the concept you think we should focus on when studying. If there is any study group, I will love to join as well. Good luck to every one.
  4. Path2009

    Stark article I liked

    This is an old article from CAP today that was really interesting and went further into the law than I've seen anywhere. It may be old news, but I thought I'd share. The derm times was also interesting.
  5. C

    Student consumer protection

    Does anyone know if there are consumer protection laws for medical students? I believe the Ed Dept has certain laws and regulations to protect students in public schools and certain sectors, but what about for medical students on rotations? Long story short, there is an issue with an unjust...
  6. P

    Virginia MPJE Material

    Does anyone have suggestions for studying for Virginia MPJE? I have never practiced in the state but have accepted a job there following graduation in May. I saw a lot of positive reviews about the Long/Lipton book - have the laws changed much since this was published? How else should I study...
  7. Lexington2012

    The CPJE 90-day retake requirement is not the law?

    I've looked over the law book pretty carefully and I can't find ANYTHING about a 90 day waiting period for retaking the CPJE. At this point I'm thinking it is an arbitrary rule created by someone at the BOP that isn't based on the actual law. I...
  8. A

    For Sale RxPerp and CPJE law book sale

    Hi guys, Selling RxPrep 2017 and CPJE Law (by RxPrep). They are good condition, no damage, and few light writings (2 pages). If you pick up at San Diego area, its $85 and $45, together $110. For shipping, $90 and $50, together $130. Online courses are not included. Let me know if you are...
  9. broken down muffler

    Speeding ticket after all applications submitted.

    If you get a speeding ticket (not a misdemeanor) after your primary has been verified and you've submitted all your secondaries, how should you proceed? Inform each school? Inform AMCAS?
  10. R

    Maryland MPJE

    Hi, Is anyone selling MD MPJE Materials? I'm specifically looking for Faders law review but open to buying other resources if available. Also if anyone wants the Virginia law book, please DM me.
  11. T

    Law School After PharmD

    Hello everyone, I am currently a P4 and will be graduating with my PharmD in May of 2018. I have been spending a lot of time thinking in about my future after pharmacy school and am really interested in going to law school and obtaining my JD. In short, I have always wanted to help people and...
  12. E

    Studying for PA MPJE

    Hey everyone, I'm taking my Pennsylvania MPJE next week. I currently have last year's version of MPJE made easy. I was wondering if anyone used last year's and had any luck with it. I'd rather not buy the new version if I can avoid it. Thanks for any input!
  13. G

    Is it illegal for a positive STD/HIV lab test to be published online prior to physician approval?

    If so, can you please provide resources proving that this is illegal or highly immoral. For example, a positive HIV test would go to a online patient portal prior to having the doctor speak with the patient. Thanks!
  14. P

    Selling 2017 NY MPJE (Law)

    Hello everyone I am selling Dr. Cuties 2017 MPJE notes that includes non-controlled, controlled substances, federal law and practice questions. They all pertain to ny law except (of course) the federal one. Please message me if your interested I will give a good price :)
  15. J

    Weissman California Pharmacy Law book for CPJE

    For sale is my lightly used Weissman CA law review book "A Guide to California Community Pharmacy Law" 8th edition. Asking $50 or best offer, plus whatever it costs to ship. There is no highlighting in the book and it is in good condition. If you are interested I can email you pictures of it...
  16. P

    Indiana student planning on taking MJPE in Illinois

    Hello all, I go to school in Indiana and I want to take the MJPE in the Chicagoland area since I got a job offer there. Illinois students....please help! Did your schools have any advice on how to study for the exam? Are you studying only your class notes? Is there an Illinois Pharmacy Law...
  17. C

    Massachusetts MA MPJE Law Questions

    Hello All, I'm in the process of preparing for the MPJE in Mass-- I've read through MA CSA, 105 and 247 CMRs and most of the posted policies. I was wondering if anyone could answer the following: For Schedule CII-CV, is there a limit for when you must do the first fill? (Must first fill within...
  18. D

    MD/JD Question

    I am currently entering residency and am interested in pursuing a JD. I always knew I would eventually get either an MBA or a JD in addition to my MD, but was not sure which in the past. Over the past year I have realized that practicing as a lawyer very much appeals to me (I have a strong...
  19. Stagg737

    Talcum Powder and Cancer

    So I was watching some trash TV during my lunch break today and saw a bunch of commercials for some of the various law groups in the area. Normally I'd just ignore them, but it caught my attention because they all were advertising for the same type of case and referenced 2 recent cases against...
  20. D

    Civil Infraction Marijuana Related, Licensing issues?

    Hey SDN, Do you guys know if a civil infraction (non-traffic) open/consume marijuana in public will hurt my chances of getting my pharmacy license/intern license? I'm a first year pharmacy student in Washington State. Was never arrested, and it won't show up on my criminal record nor my...
  21. L

    TX Law - Who is the law guru?

    Could anyone tell me who is the law guru for Texas? Does he or she write a book? Give lectures? Thank you!
  22. G

    Good Pre-med jobs for a JD

    I have to move to get residency for the med school I would like to attend, so that means looking for a new job. Does anyone have any suggestions on jobs that would help when applying to medical school? I have a law degree, work as lawyer, and am licensed in the state I will be moving to. I am...
  23. P

    Florida MPJE Review Material

    Hello Everyone, I am in Dire need of finding Fl MPJE review material so that i may take the exam. Anyone with any idea or materials or where i can find/buy materials or even studying tips which helped them pass the exam which you can provide would be more than greatly appreciated please PM me...
  24. M


    I'm selling a copy of Dr. Sarah Fichuk's Texas MPJE prep book. I used it to study for my Texas exam and passed easily. The book is in perfect condition. No scratches or writing inside. Message me for details.
  25. oklahomasooner

    Optometry laws per state?

    How can I find which states permits Optometrists do perform minor surgeries? I have been invited to interview in NSU (Oklahoma) and UMSL (St. Louis, Missouri). I know Oklahoma has the most progressive optometry laws, however, I have no idea about UMSL. Would I be able to perform minor...
  26. D

    New lawyer considering career change

    Hi guys, new to the forum here. As the title suggests, I'm a new lawyer who's considering a career change. Why waste all that money on law school just to turn around a few months after graduation and start thinking med school you ask? A variety of factors, including being interested in law at...