1. C

    Contract for new job at the VA?

    I am thinking about taking a job at the VA, does anyone know if things are even negotiable with employment at the VA? I have not yet seen the contract, but I am wondering if it worth getting a contract lawyer. What things are negotiable with them?
  2. B

    Suing as a student

    I have a question that I'm unable to find discussed on this website. If as a medical student, I file a medical malpractice suit against my physician, could that affect my future career? I'm wondering if it's likely that I'd be discriminated against when applying for residencies or jobs. EDIT...
  3. B

    JD to MD? Post bacc/career changer advice please!!!

    Hi guys! There are a couple threads on here from fellow lawyers considering the switch to medicine, but they are pretty old, so I thought I'd create a new post. Straight up, I know this sounds kind of insane, but any advice/tips people have about postbacs, particularly for career changers...
  4. M

    How did you choose medicine?

    Hello everyone, I am a communication disorders student who is having a rather hard time choosing what field I would like to go into. I have always been very attracted to the medical field as I genuinely enjoy helping people, in addition to some intense childhood experiences regarding my health...
  5. 8

    Transitioning from law to psychiatry to alleviate minority practitioner deficit

    Hi everyone, I am a 29-year old lawyer who has not completed any med school prerequisites and is looking for advice from people on this forum regarding whether my particular plan for transitioning from law to medicine is realistic and feasible. My community is one of the ones impacted by the...
  6. Mountain lawyer

    Personal statement ideas

    I am currently thinking about what to write for my personal statement. I am a practicing family law attorney and wanted to write about the "comorbidity" of legal issues and medical problems that my clients face. I represent a large number of indigent clients in a rural part of NC. My clients...
  7. NotASerialKiller

    What's your plan B?

    If you don't get accepted (or for those in med school, if your school finds out about that thing you did in 2013) what other career will you pursue? I've heard it's a good idea to have that worked out, but personally all my eggs were in the medicine basket. The only other thing on the horizon...
  8. S

    MA/MS Seeking Hope

    I have spent the past 5 years processing and moving beyond personal and professional devastation due to harm caused by, what I strongly believe to be, an unfair determination made by the State Board of Examiners of Psychology. It would be very inaccurate for me to say I have been successful in...
  9. D

    New lawyer considering career change

    Hi guys, new to the forum here. As the title suggests, I'm a new lawyer who's considering a career change. Why waste all that money on law school just to turn around a few months after graduation and start thinking med school you ask? A variety of factors, including being interested in law at...