1. Nava.

    A question about pandemic learning in PT school

    I have been struggling a lot with learning in graduate school during this pandemic. This whole virtual thing sucks. My school has essentially transplanted their in-person structure into zoom, and I just don't feel like it's working. At first, I told myself it was just for a couple semesters, and...
  2. DrSatan

    Where are you learning the most neurology from: yourself or your attendings?

    I'm a PGY-2. I feel like I've learned a lot so far this year, but I still feel like most of my knowledge as been learned by self-study & a few key attendings who put forth the effort to actually teach minutia & explain their reasoning. I feel like I am mostly teaching myself though. I feel like...
  3. I'm_a_dogtor

    School Learning Styles

    I have seen a lot of information on whether a school has didatics, TBL, and PBL and I'm wondering what the major differences are between each of them and what it is actually like to learn through these styles. What schools use all three vs only one?
  4. C

    Medical apps

    Hi guys, What medical apps do You use while learning? I usually use UpToDate, Figure 1, MEDizzy and Essential Anatomy. Can you recommend other interesting apps??
  5. J


    Looking for ideas for new things to do during our morning didactics. We have about 1 hour protected time each morning and are looking to change up what we do. We already do Prolog Questions, Review Practice bulletins and Assign Chapters from Williams OB/GYN. What are other programs doing that...
  6. F

    Best Radiology learning resource for Rad Onc resident

    I am currently a fourth year going into Rad Onc. After speaking with a number of current Rad Onc residents about making the transition into residency, it sounds like the most common advice and useful skill is to learn how to interpret CTs and MRIs now, before I actually start my PGY-2 year. In...
  7. Alemo

    How do I gauge teaching and supervision in a residency program?

    I am an M4 who will soon be creating a rank list for psychiatry programs. I've been able to compare a lot of objective features in places, like climate, location, areas of particular strength/emphasis, and resident profiles. But one thing I haven't been able to get a sense of is "what it would...
  8. P

    Learning curve for bedside procedures

    new resident here in surgery. Yesterday was my first experience in bedside femoral vein lines and it was not fun. My paranoia of hitting the artery resulted in me having my junior stick it. Granted the patient has a plt level of 7.. just wanted to ask more senior ppl how long it took them to...
  9. H

    Other Master's Degree Mobile Apps Help in Increasing the Learning Efficiency

    With the increasing use of mobile devices, the trend BYOD (bring your own device) is also developing in the educational field. Even though the people who are encouraged to enroll in accredited life experience degree are also using a number of devices to support their learning endeavors. The...
  10. Epicurusall

    MD Boards and Beyond

    In passing through multiple threads I've read that B&B is an excellent resource for filling in gaps in knowledge when preparing for step 1. My question is, are these videos such a good learning tool that they should be used alongside MS1 courses to learn the basic sciences and systems? Or, is...
  11. RogueBanana

    Is didactic learning really that bad?

    So I may be the odd man out, but I actually enjoy lecture. During undergrad I never skipped a lecture, because I really felt like it was a good way to be introduced to a topic. I learned a lot from lecture alone. If I was unclear on something, I would watch Khan Academy Videos and other...
  12. H

    Best Studying Strategies

    Hey all, I'm a new medical student currently participating in a pre-exposure program to my medical school for this coming August. As I have had an early view of the large amount of information, I have realized my need to alter my study strategy accordingly. Normally I quiz myself on everything...
  13. T

    Western University of Health Scicences?

    Hello, I have been hearing for students of the podiatry program that the president of this school is making it the "Harvard" of podiatry and that it is miserable. The school is so competitive that they don't feel like they are learning anything because it is such a hostile learning environment...
  14. Bluesclera

    Great Video Resources for Ophtho stuff

    Great for watching videos of surgery, new lectures, etc: Willseyeonline.org eyetube.net Great for learning: http://www.ophthobook.com/videos http://webeye.ophth.uiowa.edu/eyeforum/
  15. AppCribba

    Advertisement Cribba for iPhone and iPad

    Hello everybody! Let me introduce my iPhone and iPad app Cribba! It allows to make crib sheets (aka cheat sheets) and cram for exams. Yes, there are no miracles - you should create the cribs by yourself (though Cribba contains some examples). Anyway, learning big volume of knowledge will...