1. E

    ADEX validity for how long?

    I am wondering if anyone know how long ADEX result is good for. I know for Texas, it has to be within five years. For California, it doesn't specify for ADEX, but then for WREB it's also five years. For states that do not specify, is it also five years or longer? At least for the next five...
  2. F

    how to obtain a license in China with a DDS

    Hello everyone, I am interested in working in China after working few years in the U.S. What is the process for that? Anyone knows? Thank you in advance!
  3. P

    Possession of Control Substances charge as a pharmd Student

    Hello, It is extremely embarrassing and shameful to be writing this on a website of such highly respectable people, but at this point in time, any advice I could get would be of nothing but help. I am a PharmD student in a 0-6 program, completed 2 years, supposed to be entering p1 year this...
  4. L

    IL License Reciprocity from MI

    Hi, Moving to IL and wanted get a head start on transferring my license. I graduated in 2015 and am licensed in Michigan, but I'm a little confused with the BOP website- From what I understand I have to submit a transfer license application via NABP- then attach that pdf to my application for...
  5. F

    Reasons for denial of limited license?

    Hey there, A very long story short (as much as possible), I'm a British doctor who, due to severe extenuating circumstances involving a tragic death in the family, ended up failing from my initial medical program after completing 3 years successfully. I was awarded an alternative degree...
  6. E

    Studying for PA MPJE

    Hey everyone, I'm taking my Pennsylvania MPJE next week. I currently have last year's version of MPJE made easy. I was wondering if anyone used last year's and had any luck with it. I'd rather not buy the new version if I can avoid it. Thanks for any input!
  7. P

    Foreign Trained Podiatrist

    Hello All! Just a question that I'm curious about - but can't find an answer too. So I know that Standard Physicians trained internationally can apply for residencies in the US and become licensed, and generally, internationally trained dentists cannot (they have to restart dental school)...
  8. Joanne Fernandez-Lopez

    Puerto Rico Veterinary License

    Hello! I am in the process of trying to obtain a PR veterinary license. Any help with what the testing might be like, a study guide you might have available or study tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. 1

    NBDE Exams,Licensure Exam

    Looking to sell typodont,skull,plastic teeth. NBDE Part 1 Materials Included in Part 1 Materials are : 2 Sets of Dental Decks First Aid Review Books ASDA Part 1 Past Test Booklets Email me to find out more; [email protected] Will send pictures
  10. M

    Moving to Virginia from Ohio, transferring licensure plus general questions

    Hello, I am an LPC in Ohio currently under supervision working to LPCC. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about transferring either hours or licensure to Virginia? Also, how do the educational requirements work when transferring? The only course I do not have would be one focusing...
  11. D

    Future of IMG after finishing residency in germany

    hi, i am a NON EU medical graduate (india) and want to know about future prospects after doing residency in Germany? i have several questions and am sure there must be many doctors like me who would also need an answer for, if you can help, please odnt ignore and help us!! 1. How...