1. D

    Rutgers dental from NYC

    Hello! I was just wondering if there were any students who attend the Rutgers dental school and commute from NYC, I’ve always wanted to live in Manhattan so I was wondering if that would be a possibility if Rutgers was an option for me to travel to Newark! Thanks!
  2. M

    Live at home vs. moving out

    Hi everyone - I am still deciding between a couple of schools, and one is right down the road from my house. I really feel like I would be better off not living with my family during medical school and having some more independence, but it would of course save a ton of money on rent and food if...
  3. Rainbows&Waterfalls

    Thoughts on living alone during M1?

    I am happy to say that I will be starting medical school in August! As I start considering housing options, I want to hear some opinions on the -- living alone vs. living with roommates -- dilemma. Reasons why I prefer living alone: > Had disrespectful roommates in the past, don't want to deal...
  4. Kardio

    Physics (Not feelin' it)

    Hi all. Lowest score on my first MCAT was a 121 in CP. I've been going over the CP problems in Khan Academy and make sure I understand the problem and background concept in-full before moving on (this can take >2 hours in some circumstances). I'm attempting to use a question-based approach to...
  5. S

    RCSI GEM Accommodation

    I know this has been posted about many times, but I wanted to get updated info since I understand things have changed over the years. Here's my situation: I'm a Canadian who will be attending RCSI for the GEM (4-year) program in September. I'm going to be 22. I'm more on the quiet/studious side...
  6. S

    Any housing advice for UCLA School of Dentistry?

    I was accepted into UCLA School of Dentistry class of 2021. Los Angeles is a big place and although the tuition is very cheap, the cost of living in LA already has my bank account crying. Thus far, between filtering through and having several conversations on SDN, talking to peers in my class...
  7. O

    Where to live in Erie PA

    Hello, I recently was accepted to the Erie campus of Lecom and am in the preliminary stages of looking for places to live. Can anyone recommend places or areas to avoid? I've heard the east side can be rough but I've also heard conflicting things about areas closer to the lake (North West) and...
  8. P

    NYU vs UDM vs UMD

    Hello everyone, I have been accepted into 3 great schools and I am having an extremely difficult time deciding where to attend. I have read countless threads but I would greatly appreciate any details/comments/opinions anyone would like to share with me. My options are NYU, Detroit Mercy and...
  9. M

    TUCOM-CA Questions

    Hi guys, I just received an interview invite from TUCOM-CA and I have a couple questions. I've heard that you have an acceptance decision 2 weeks after your interview and then after this you have 2 weeks to put down a $2,000 deposit to hold your spot. I'm wondering if this is still true. This is...
  10. O

    CCOM reasonably priced housing?

    Starting at CCOM in the fall and didn't get what I wanted with the on campus housing application. Can someone tell me what's a good area (reasonably priced) to look for a 1 bedroom apartment? Much appreciated
  11. F

    Loan Disbursement

    I'm entering the second year of my DPT program and am really concerned about my loan disbursement for this coming year. I live and pay tuition with 100% loans, so I have the Graduate PLUS Loan in addition to the Federal Unsubsidized Loan. I recently learned that my loans will be split completely...
  12. M

    UConn 2019

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else on here has been accepted to UConns DPT class of 2019, I know it's a pretty small class but I figured it was worth a shot. I'm looking to rent an apartment or house off campus if anyone is interested, figured it might be nice to live with...