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Feb 23, 2016
Hello everyone,

I have been accepted into 3 great schools and I am having an extremely difficult time deciding where to attend. I have read countless threads but I would greatly appreciate any details/comments/opinions anyone would like to share with me. My options are NYU, Detroit Mercy and the University of Maryland.


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Jan 30, 2012
If cost is a factor, you should take out NYU and just decide between UDM and UMD. but if money isnt a factor and you're not afraid of loki opening another portal to an alien world to attack NYC, go for NYU for the experience of living in NYC. My personal opinion is #1 cost then #2 the experience. All dental schools pretty much teach you the same thing. you will take the same boards and licensing boards. the only difference is where do you want to live for 4 years? its gonna be a tough 4 years. take advantage of whatever free time you have by exploring a new city with new colleagues you will talk to for the rest of your life.
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