Apr 21, 2016
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Hi guys, I just received an interview invite from TUCOM-CA and I have a couple questions. I've heard that you have an acceptance decision 2 weeks after your interview and then after this you have 2 weeks to put down a $2,000 deposit to hold your spot. I'm wondering if this is still true. This is a concern to me because currently I have 9 other interviews scheduled and I would like to hear back from at least some of my other schools prior to putting down that amount of money, so this will factor into the interview date I choose. I know I'm not guaranteed an acceptance by any means, but it's still a concern of mine.

I'm also wondering if any current students or past interviewers can comment on the school, curriculum, rotations, living, etc. because I've seen TUCOM-CA get some bad rep and I'm wondering how accurate this is and what the actual consensus is from people who have experience there. Any info on these things would be great!


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May 13, 2009
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Graduate of TUCOM-CA here.

Pros: Small class of ~130's and small campus feel. Everyone knows each other. SF Bay Area, so lots of fun stuff to do. Most of our graduates match in California--a plus if that's your goal. I liked the faculty, and found them very supportive. Good match rates to competitive residencies. Rotation opportunities in Northern CA, Southern CA, and New York at both community hospitals and academic hospitals.

Cons: high cost of tuition and living. The immediate surrounding area (Vallejo) is not the safest. No affiliated residencies. Restrictions on facility usage based on the Jewish laws. Bay Area is not as DO friendly as other places in California.

Summary: I was happy there, even though it wasn't perfect. I would recommend it if you have California ties. Myself and many of my classmates got into good residency programs of our choice. Rotation spots vary on where you go, but for the most part they places where you will learn a lot.

---As to your predicament, many people had the same situation as yours. First off, congrats on the acceptance, your problem is one others are dying to have. My recommendation is to pay that $2,000 deposit and consider it like an "insurance" if you don't get into anywhere else. One bird in the hand is better than two in the bushes, ya know? Good luck on your journey.
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