1. D

    Letter of Recommendations

    where do you send letter of recommendations/how? Also, if I have 3 professors (2 science and 1 writing), should I only get one from a dentist? Or would it be okay if I obtained two (I shadowed 2 dentists, am planning on shadowing and possibly interning for another).
  2. smileandwave

    Question regarding HPAC/AADSAS ID/LORs

  3. avi670

    Submitting LORs

    Hi, I was wondering what to do if a school that I'm applying to only needs 3 letters of rec but another school needs 4. Do I still upload all 4 of my letters into AADSAS? Or do I have to send it separately? Thank you!
  4. A

    Clinical Experience query

    Is it better to go through an intermediary (AM opportunities, etc.) to arrange for a clinical experience in the US or is it more prudent to get in touch directly with the programme directors? If the latter is better please let me know where i can find a list or directory for such programmes...
  5. atlasel

    Harvard. Yet undecided?

    Hello everyone, I contacted to a MD PhD psychiatrist from Harvard, for 6 weeks summer internship at his lab. I am an IMG, and for me this will be the first time in the US. What I aim is to deserve a good LOR during that period, to at least have one LOR in the US. I have other strong LORs from...
  6. B

    Physician signature sufficient?

    Hi, I had a school not accept my physician LOR today because it did not have his signature. I was just wondering, do most schools require a letterhead AND signature from a physician? Or is the signature sufficient? Thanks!
  7. B

    Panicking - Physician LOR fell through

    Hi, I made a separate post on this a little while back. Basically, I was concerned that one of the schools applied to (VCOM) wouldn't accept my physician letter of recommendation (which I am almost positive is great letter) from a doctor I did research with at a hospital. She is an MBBS. The...
  8. B

    Unsure of how to answer this secondary question

    Hi, One of the secondary applications I'm filling out is asking for the name and contact information for the physician that wrote us a letter of recommendation. I received a fantastic (well, at least I assume it is) LOR from a physician I did research with at a pediatric hospital. The only...