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lor requirements

  1. G

    How to ask for LORs during COVID-19?

    Hi everyone, as the title may suggest I was wondering if anyone could advise on how to ask for letters during the ongoing pandemic. Prepandemic, the ideal situation was to sit down with your writer and hand over a resume/CV. Is this still advised when asking professors from undergrad for a...
  2. About the Ads
  3. D

    (LOR's) Re-applying to gen surg as a resident

    I know there are a lot of threads out there regarding re-applying as residents from one field to another, but many of them are out of date. And, more specifically, my questions pertain to the LOR's. This is the thing that unfortunately holds me back. I do, however, have the support of the VIP(s)...
  4. stayathomemom

    Just an FYI about LORs for extreme non-trads

    I have been so worried about LORs since I began this journey because my dream school has specific "requirements" on their admissions website: Well, this was problematic for me since I've been mostly out of school for 13 years, and I haven't had paid employment since 2006. So I called the...
  5. B

    LOR Question, seeking advice

    So I was struggling to find a DO whom would allow me to shadow and fit in around my work schedule. My cousin's spouse offered to write me a letter of recommendation and I took him up on it. He has guided me through much of my academic career and I've developed a friendship with him, but I still...
  6. capenn16

    LORS - what counts as non-science faculty?

    Hi all - looking for advice on letters of rec. I have a handful of letters (7 total) collected from undergraduate professors, my undergrad research mentor, gap-year mentors, and my college pastor. I have a feeling my one non-science faculty letter from undergrad is my weakest letter; however, I...
  7. S

    Letters of recommendation

    I am a bit confused on how the LORs work with optomcas. I was told by someone that the evaluators aren’t writing an actual letter, but filling out a questionnaire on optomcas. I have also seen people talking about an actual written letter. Could someone please clarify? Also, what would be the...
  8. Chromium Surfer

    Pseudo Committee Letter

    Hi everyone I was hoping for some insight regarding a question I have regarding letters of recommendation. Both of my science professors who will write good solid letters for me require all students to go through the pre-health office of our university. I know that many schools require 3...
  9. Babbitt4MVP

    Interfolio AAMC ID and AMCAS ID

    I know this has been answered before, but those threads are old and I want to find out if anything has changed. With regards to LoR, in the 2017 AMCAS Instruction Manual it says: "In all cases, you must provide your letter author(s) with your AAMC ID and AMCAS Letter ID numbers to ensure that...
  10. N

    Is the number of LORs specific needed different for each DO school? How many do I need?

    I know this may have been asked before, but I cant find this anywhere: Is the number of LORs specific needed different for each DO school? How many do I need? How many science LOR do I need and how many non-science LOR? Can I include a LOR from a previous employer (Assistant Director at my...
  11. D

    When to Submit Secondaries? (LoR)

    It's too late now for me, but I'm interested in hearing your opinions on this subject. I applied to a number of DO schools with no osteopathic LoR requirements, knowing that I had a LoR on the way. I completed my secondaries and said that I didn't have a D.O. LoR, and now plan to update them...