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Sep 29, 2016
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Hi everyone, as the title may suggest I was wondering if anyone could advise on how to ask for letters during the ongoing pandemic. Prepandemic, the ideal situation was to sit down with your writer and hand over a resume/CV. Is this still advised when asking professors from undergrad for a letter (nontrad here)? For background, my undergrad seems to be completely in person now.

When asking to meet via email should I mention my vaccination status?

How about when asking a physician, should I schedule to meet with them and hand over necessary materials or could I even text them (I've kept in touch with one doc through texting)?

I'm trying to make a good impression. Thanks in advance.

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Jul 14, 2005
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You donn’t need a physician‘s letter for MD schools. There are only a couple of MD schools that require one. If you are applying DO most of them want one. Did you shadow this doctor or did you have a more in depth relationship.
As to the email to your professors, you could say something like “I know masks are required but what other Covid precautions are currently in place on campus. I have been fully vaccinated.”
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