low step 1 score

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    Low Step 1 Score - IM Chances

    Hello all, I know that there are hundreds to thousands of posts similar to this on reddit and I am sure many of you are annoyed by these kinds of posts, so I apologize in advance. I am working on a list of programs currently and after meeting with an IM attending at my school (mid-tier school in...
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    Really crappy low step 1 (21X) and want to match OB. Plz help!

    So I go to a low tier MD program and unexpectedly scored really low on Step 1. Are my chances killed for OB? especially in 2019 when it is becoming more and more competitive. I was going through a tough time during dedicated but I doubt programs will care about that. Will a boost in Step 2 help...
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    Matching into Diagnostic Radiology with low Step1

    Hi everyone, I would appreciate any insight/advice regarding my chances of matching into DR. Undergrad: Engineering Med School: Low tier MD Step1 score: 208 Step2 score: still have to take Preclinical grades: all pass (P/F system) Clerkship grades so far: 1 HP, 3 P (H/HP/P/F system) - failed...
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    Official Eternal IM WAMC Thread

    Thought I would start this new thread for WAMC even though still early for upcoming match cycle. I am an AMG in between MS3 and MS4, on research year. I had originally wanted to do derm, but after this year of research, decided that I am more interested in internal medicine. I would like to...
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    MD Need advice/thoughts for PS Vascular Surgery, chronic pain, and Low STEPS

    I am a rising MS4 who wants to pursue vascular surgery integrated. STEP1: 213 STEP2: 229 1 vascular case report under review Surgery: HP I had a leg calve perthes as a chid that took me out of school for periods of time and put me in a wheelchair fo3 years. After 4 surgeries I was able to...
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    MD Residency application with a low Step1 score

    Hi everyone! I am a medical student attending a state medical school in the US. I got an unexpectedly low Step1 score (208) and I am distraught about it. I am interested in Cardiology right now so planning to apply to IM residencies (haven't completely ruled out surgery though). I am currently...
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    USMLE Thoughts on 2019 IM match

    Hey all, I will be applying for the 2019 IM match. I am an IMG graduated 2016. I have a disappointing step 1 score of 219 and a step 2ck score of 242 all are passed on the first attempt. I have 2 coauthorships and one online book chapter, I am working on publishing a paper as a first author...
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    How screwed am I?

    Hey guys, new here but I really need some anonymous advice. Just started my third year of medical school and am freaking out b/c I got a 224 on Step 1. Unfortunately my school is P/F the first two years (even though I was a standard deviation above on most tests, no one will ever know about it)...
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    Seeking a pathological liar to tell me i will still make it with step 1 score of 203.

    If you have nothing nice to say please do not reply and stay away from me. Im depressed af. Studied 15 months for step 1 for a mofo 203. I need someone to effin tell me to keep going. Tell me theres hope, its not the end of the world. Try and do better on step 2. Residency is just connections...
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    Advice wanted!!! MS4 applying to ObGyn, hoping for Chicago