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    Help deciding between post-baccalaureate and a MAMS type program

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    Loyola MAMS vs UCincinnati SMP?

    Hello, I am still waiting on 1 more decision but I have been accepted to the Loyola MAMS program and the UCincinnati SMP. Could anyone give me some input on which one would be a better choice and the reasons why? I have looked into both programs and they seem extremely similar to me, so I'm...
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    Retaking 514 MCAT?

    Hi all, I am a long-time lurker here on SDN and this is my first time posting. I am looking for advice as to whether I should retake the MCAT. I have taken the MCAT a total of two times. I received a 511 (126/124/131/130) on my first attempt and a 514 (126/126/131/131) on my second attempt. To...
  5. Boston University MAMS

    Post Boston University MAMS 2019-2020

    Hey all! Thank you for your interest in the MAMS program. Please feel free to use this space to ask any questions that you may have!
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    Hello everyone, I've been accepted into the Boston MAMS, LOYOLA MAMS, and TUFTS MBS. I'm deciding in between Boston and Loyola. Can someone who has attended/knows either program help me decide which program is better? My goal is to increase my GPA and use the program to get a good score on the...
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    Masters Programs... MAMS or Research?

    Hey there! I'm trying to decide what would be the best option for me. My GPA from undergrad, cumulatively, could use a little love (however I have a wonderful upward trend going for me). Anyway, I know I would like to do a Masters program, however I'm at a loss as to which one I should choose...
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    Weird question - Boston MAMS vs Wayne State BMS ?

    Hi everyone, first off thanks for any replies. Appreciate any input! I have ~3.4 GPA and a 515 MCAT, didn't get any MD interviews last cycle. Was deciding between Aussie schools and an SMP, but I think I'll give a master's a try and probably go DO before australia, we'll see next cycle...
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    Weird question but - Boston MAMS vs Wayne State BMS ?

    Hi everyone, first off thanks for any replies. Appreciate any input! I have ~3.4 GPA and a 515 MCAT, didn't get any MD interviews last cycle. I have been accepted into both BU and Wayne State for their SMPs starting this fall. I am a Canadian from southwestern ontario so I get in-state tuition...
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    advice on 3 decreasing MCATs and MAMS

    So I'm here to ask advice for my brother because he is about to study for the MCAT for the 4th time BEFORE attempting to apply to a MAMS program. I personally think that he should be concentrating on applying to a MAMS program with a really good personal statement and depending on how well he...
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    Loyola MAMS vs. BU MAMS

    Hi I was hoping to get some insight into what people opinions where on Loyola MAMS vs Boston University MAMS. I want to know which is better in terms of matriculation into medical school and the overall experience people have had in both programs. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Boston University MAMS 2016-2017

    Hey everyone, welcome to the 2016-2017 thread for the Boston University MAMS Program! My name is Mike and I'm currently a second year MAMS student here at BU, so if anyone has any questions about the program, housing options, or Boston in general post them here and I'll answer as best as I can...