Weird question but - Boston MAMS vs Wayne State BMS ?

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Meester Doge

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May 3, 2015
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Hi everyone, first off thanks for any replies. Appreciate any input!

I have ~3.4 GPA and a 515 MCAT, didn't get any MD interviews last cycle. I have been accepted into both BU and Wayne State for their SMPs starting this fall. I am a Canadian from southwestern ontario so I get in-state tuition at Wayne State (I believe its about $20k, compared to $55k at BU), and my sister is a recent wayne state medicine grad.

I'm wondering if you guys have any input on which school to choose, and if BU (having a more reputable program) is worth the extra tuition cost. My sister also completed the Wayne BMS program before getting into medicine there, so it seems like a safe bet, but I hope not to fence myself too early by turning down BU. This is especially true if schools will really look at my GPA (from what I've heard, Wayne will be an easier program for my GPA). I'm not sure if Canadian schools will care which school I go to, but US schools might. Thoughts?