mcat 2016 june

  1. S

    517 MCAT - Too Unbalanced?

    so I posted the other day about my chances, but now I'm slightly worrying if my mcat is considered too unbalanced overall. 517 total with a 127/129/132/129 split. Miracles happened and I got a 132 in bio but my C/P seems to jump out at me. Is there anything to worry about?
  2. L

    Texas resident: 4.0 sciGPA, 3.98 cGPA, 511 MCAT

    My MCAT scores in each section are: C/P 129, CARS 128, B/B 128, P/S 126. And I have a sufficient amount of extracurriculars, volunteer work, and shadowing. I am applying to all of the Texas medical schools via the TMDSAS website. Ideally, I would like to attend UTMB Galveston. Although I have...
  3. C

    Retake 506 MCAT? Nontraditional 4.0 post bacc

    I was so hoping I wouldn't be stuck in this position....But now I have no idea how to proceed. I got my MCAT score yesterday and hadn't hit the submit button for primary bc I wanted to see score, not what I anticipated. C/P 129 CARS 125 B/B 124 ( eeekkk) P/S 128 I was shocked as CARS and B/B...
  4. drpastry

    MD 3.8 cGPA, 3.6 sGPA, 509 (125 C/P) MCAT, IL/AL non-trad

  5. GaStu1994

    Does MCG Send Out Secondaries for Verified AMCAS Applications Before MCAT Scores Are Released?

    I'm applying for the 2017 matriculation cycle to the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) at Augusta University. I submitted my AMCAS the first day that submissions were allowed (June 7, 2016), and it had been verified by the next morning (June 8). All of my LORs are in. I took the MCAT on June 2...