1. K

    Physics : Force and Motion Questions - Please explain work

    I am having difficulty understanding the explanation of the answers in the EK book. Would someone be able to explain how they they worked out the answers to the following questions please ? Thanks !
  2. I

    High MCAT - Unique Strategies?

    Hello there, There is obviously no one good way to make a high MCAT score, and I understand that there are basic principles you need to follow: do your practice exams, study consistently, etc... But I am looking for any specifics that may have helped you understand the "language" that the MCAT...
  3. cwx216

    Taking 9/2 MCAT and not sure about AAMC scores...

    (reposting this from my post from reddit!) So I'm registered to take the 9/2 exam and I finished FL 2 yesterday with a 504 (128/125/125/125). I'm really bummed about the bio score and CARS is usually my lowest so that was kind of expected. I felt pretty drained around the end of CARS, B/BC. I'm...
  4. neurophilic

    Averaging Old & New MCAT?

  5. H

    For Sale TBR (Berkeley Review) MCAT Books

    Hi I'm selling all the MCAT TBR books (from 2013). Includes: General Chemistry Parts I and II Physics Parts I and II Verbal Reasoning Biology Parts I and II Organic Chemistry Parts I and II Books are in great condition, and not written in. I can post pictures if you would like. Message if...
  6. S

    For Sale MCAT TBR bundle for sale

    SOLD TBR bundle includes: (2015) Biology Parts I & II, first chapter marked in Biology Part I, Part II unmarked (2013) General Chemistry I & II, like new (2013) Physics I & II, first chapter marked in Physics Part I, Minimal highlighting in one section of Fluid chapter in Physics Part II...
  7. T

    For Sale MCAT TBR 2016 Edition Set

  8. afterallthistime

    For Sale Selling Brand New Complete 2016 TPR MCAT Set $60 (for whole set)

    Selling complete 2016 BRAND NEW set of TPR books! Never been used. $60 CARS Workbook SOLD PM if interested!
  9. browneyes1000

    For Sale MCAT BR/EK/KP full sets and more!

    Hello all, Selling some MCAT materials, willing to negotiate. Everything is in good condition. SOLD. Berkeley Review Set (Verbal, Bio I and II, Physics I and II, Gen Chem I and II, Orgo I and II): $100.00 SOLD. Exam Krackers Set (Mini-MCATs, Verbal Reasoning, Bio, Physics, Chem, Orgo): $50.00...
  10. M


    hey guys so ive been practicing by taking mcat practice exams and i was wondering if anyone has tips in how to review their practice tests. i know they are threads about reviewing the old mcat exams however, this new exam is a lot more experimental and less on content and i feel the review of...
  11. N

    Strategies to approach MCAT biologiy/biochem passages?

    I've been working on some practice questions from AAMC question packs and sample test. I found it pretty difficult to organize the actual information on the passage. Having them clearly organized in your head (or on scratch paper) would make it easier to answer the questions. Specially the...
  12. BeerHelpsMeStudy

    carbonic anhydrase inhibition

    Considering the bicarbonate buffering system in the blood, if the enzyme carbonic anhydrase's activity is inhibited, wouldn't this lead to an increased concentration of CO2 AND H2O at the tissue level? I'm reviewing the AAMC Sample Exam and I selected that CO2 concentrations would increase...
  13. F


    Hello, I am looking for a study partner in the DC Area or via Skype for the May 2015 exam. I am also looking for anyone who has good MCAT notes for sale.
  14. E

    How to increase MCAT 2015 verbal/success stories?

    Hey everyone, So I took the July 2015 MCAT and did not do as well as I wanted to. The goal was to score 500+ but i scored a mere 492. This basically crushed me and I have yet to pick up any type of MCAT books since. My breakdown: CP- 125 VR- 120 :/ BB- 124 PS- 123 So here I am halfway through...
  15. M

    Should I retake?

    So I got my MCAT score yesterday and I got a 505. Chem/physics 127 Verbal 127 Bio 127 Pysch 124 (yeah I don't know how that happened...) I don't know if I should retake or not. Looking at online converters I got a 29/30. I am aware that the average MCAT to be "competitive" is a 31. What do you...
  16. TDarghali


  17. W

    MCAT 2015 retake

    Should I retake? I just got my scores back for the August exam and scored : Chem/Phys 127 (79%) CARS: 125 (58%) Bio/Biochem: 126 (67%) Psych/Soc: 128 (86%) overall: 506 (71%) I have a 3.8 overall gpa, and 3.8 science gpa. I have a bunch of hospital volunteering, I have a lab research position...
  18. B

    New MCAT score

    Hi, I just got my MCAT score today. I got a 517 (130,127,130,130). I had my goals a little higher than this as I am naturally a good test taker and wanted to compensate for a subpar gpa (3.68 from an Ivy). Where does this score put me on the old MCAT? Some online charts show this as a 37 or 38...
  19. LindaAccepted

    Medical A Med School Applicant Shares MCAT2015 Prep Experience

    "You are allowed to bring snacks and drinks in for breaks so no worries for caffeine addicts (like me)." This interview is part of a new series, featuring interviews with MCAT2015 test takers, offering readers an inside look at the exam experience and some of the top MCAT test prep services out...
  20. M

    Unbalanced mcat 2015 (514) very low CARS

    So I just got my Mcat score back for the 8/5 exam and i got a very unbalanced score. I got an overall 514 which is 91st percentile but my score breakdown was: Chem/Phys: 131 (99th percentile) CARS: 122 (22nd percentile) Bio/Biochem: 130 (97th percentile) Psych/Soc: 131 (98th percentile) I...
  21. T

    MD Should i retake? Overall 512

    Chem and Physics - 128 (87%) CARS - 125 (58%) Bio - 129 (93%) Psych/Soc - 130 (97%) Overall GPA: 3.86 (Still have two semesters to bring up) Wanting to apply to Texas medical schools. My #1 is Baylor, but I'd be perfectly happy with UT Houston or UTSA. Should I roll the dice and retake the MCAT?