1. I

    High MCAT - Unique Strategies?

    Hello there, There is obviously no one good way to make a high MCAT score, and I understand that there are basic principles you need to follow: do your practice exams, study consistently, etc... But I am looking for any specifics that may have helped you understand the "language" that the MCAT...
  2. M

    Chem/Phys Books recommendations

    Hey everyone, Can anyone, preferably people that already took the mcat this year, recommend a really good prep book for chem/phys? These are both my weakest subjects since my university did not have the best professors teaching intro classes. I started using Kaplan 2015 for chem but 4 chapters...
  3. DOhopeful22


    Hey everyone! I was wondering if you could look at my stats and let me know what you think of my chances for DO school. I'm taking my MCAT for the first time on June 17th 2017 and applying this cycle. I haven't been doing that well on my practice MCATs ... scoring around 498 on Kaplan but I...
  4. C

    Anyone score completely different than how they felt they did? Especially with CARS

    I felt pretty good on 3 out of the 4 sections on the MCAT, but I felt awful about CARS, I had been averaging around a 125 on CARS previously and I am mostly applying DO, but did anyone feel they completely bombed CARS or other sections but then they got a score completely different than they...
  5. M


    So.... I am only applying for Texas med schools: I have 2 options (With a decent GPA, lots of EC/volunteering, and clinical experience) 1. Take the MCAT June 16 (barely hitting 500) - Application submitted on July 18th 2. Reschedule for June 30th with hopes of improving my score - Application...
  6. js38

    MCAT studying

    Hello! I'll be taking the MCAT this summer (mid-July) and would like to get a study group going that will meet a few times/ week until test day. If you are in the Raleigh, NC area and would like to join my study group, shoot me a message. Happy studying!
  7. A


    Hello all. I really need some advice on whether to void my upcoming MCAT score on June 1st. I have been studying for the last 3 months for my retake. I originally took it back in August 2016 and got a 499 (125/122/124/128). I have taken several practice MCAT tests from Nextstep and the AAMC...
  8. Nicole Kidd

    MD Do I still get a chance with this 2017 MCAT score

    Maryland Resident. My mcat score came out and it's very bad : 506 (129 (usually 128)/123 (usually 126)/128/126 (usually 127)), my sGPA is 3.85 and my cGPA is 3.89, do I still get a chance for MD school? I have another test scheduled in a week, 6/1, do you think it's still worth to take it or...
  9. Spr1ngrolls

    Warning to MCAT Takers: MCAT Readjusting Again? (5/13 taker)

    Hi Everyone! So I just came out of the most recent MCAT (5/13, went in knowing that I would void it) and after looking through some of the comments throughout Reddit (for the past 3-4 MCAT dates) and having the experience of taking the most recent MCAT, I think it's pretty undeniable that the...
  10. MCATdisciple

    How to Approach MCAT Research-Based Passages

    Hello, my name is Laureano Andrade Vicenty and I scored a 518 on the new 2016 MCAT. I created this video describing my approach for research-based passages. I call it the disciple method. I hope you find it useful!
  11. M

    TERRIBLE MCAT DEMO EXAM: Please be nice

    I scored a 485 on the practice/demo test with Princeton Review : Chem-Phys 121/CARS 121/ Bio-Bio 119/Psych-Soc 124. I did no prior studying and guessed on nearly all of it.... I just wanted to get the feel of the exam before I start studying. My test in April 28th... I am planning on dedicating...
  12. Miss.Optimistic

    MCAT March 2017 study buddy in PA or online

    Anybody looking for a study buddy for the MCAT- March 2017?