1. P

    Anki vs. Quizlet vs. Brainscape vs. unmentioned alternatives

    Hey y'all, I'm a second year pre-med and as I move towards more advanced chemistry and biology courses, I got curious about what other pre-meds or current medical students used to scope their studying for things like bio courses and general/o-chem. I've used Quizlet and Anki interchangeably...
  2. postponemastudentloan

    Personal Experience with Kaplan MCAT prep instructors?

    Hi, I've decided I want to take a Kaplan class to help prepare for the MCAT. I've heard mixed reviews & most people say it depends on the instructor. I have a list of possible dates with different instructors and I just wanted to know if any of you have taken a class with one of these...
  3. Drawit

    MCAT Free Trial + Save 25% on Draw it to Know it MCAT Test Prep - use code SDN25

    Our MCAT Biology & Biochemistry Test Prep course is perfect for students who need more than Qbanks! If you're looking for a true review of (or introduction to...) key concepts in biology and biochemistry for the MCAT, Draw it to Know it is the perfect solution. Draw along with our narrated...
  4. postponemastudentloan

    Taking MCAT Prep class along with Biochemistry?

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to see if anyone has taken an MCAT prep class along with another course that is on the mcat? I want to take an MCAT prep class for the guidance but I will also have to take Biochemistry at the same time because of the way my schedule is & I am not able to rearrange it any...
  5. I

    MCAT Prep Academy Program Reviews?

    Has anyone heard of “MCAT Prep Academy”? Does anyone recommend it? It came across as an ad on my social media and it seems to good to be true. Wanted to hear what others thought?
  6. M

    Spreading out MCAT study hours

    Hello, I am planning to take the March MCAT. Assuming I have about 5 months to study, I think I should be able to study the often quoted "500 hours" I will be able to dedicate about 30 hrs/week for 6 weeks Then about 40-50 hrs/week for 4 weeks (winter break) Then about 15-20 hrs/week for the...
  7. F

    MCAT Program

    Hi there, I am in need of the best MCAT program. I have done Kaplan and Princeton Review and I am sitting at a solid 492 on my 2nd MCAT. Does anyone have suggestions fo the best program? I need to rase my score at least 15 points. Please help. I am also interested in MCAT tutors. Seriously...
  8. L

    EK vs. Kaplan

    Hi, I just finished my freshman year and I am planning on self-studying at least a bit for the summer (I will be taking the exam next summer, after completing the 2nd year. I've only covered one semester of intro chem, two semesters of calculus, one sem of introductory psych, one sem of...
  9. S

    For Sale TBR older version (brand new/unused) books For Sale!

    I'm selling the following 2012 version TBR books for $80 plus shipping: TBR Physics I & II TBR General Chemistry I & II Prefer to sell all 4 books together. They are in brand new condition, unused, and unmarked.
  10. M

    Taking Biochem 2 instead of Biochem 1 for the MCAT

    Hi everyone! I go to a small private school in Pittsburgh and unfortunately they only offer Biochem 1 in the Fall and Biochem 2 in the Spring. Since I have very little background in Biochem I would like to take a Biochem class before taking the MCAT. Do you guys think this is a good idea, or...
  11. AdaptPrep

    MCAT What do you wish you did differently in preparing for MCAT?

    What do you wish you did differently in preparing for MCAT? Do you wish you dedicated more time? Less time? Used different resources? Reviewed more? Took more practice exams?
  12. Golden-Future

    How to approach MCAT studying? Don't know where to start.

    How to approach MCAT studying? Don't know where to start. I'm one year out from undergrad. This will be my first time studying for the MCAT. I have the Kaplan books. Do I take a practice every week? and where do these practice tests come from?
  13. H

    MCATprep without full class schedule. Is that OK?

    Hi all, To give you quick context of my situation: I'm a junior preparing to for the 2017 med school application cycle. I technically began studying for the MCAT last June--but I didn't start hardcore, intense studying yet. Hopefully I'll take the MCAT in the spring (March the earliest, June at...
  14. S

    Anyone in LA area selling MCAT prep books?

    Is anyone in LA area selling MCAT prep books? Biochemistry, chemistry, organic chemistry, psych. & sociology, physics.