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Mar 3, 2018

I just finished my freshman year and I am planning on self-studying at least a bit for the summer (I will be taking the exam next summer, after completing the 2nd year.

I've only covered one semester of intro chem, two semesters of calculus, one sem of introductory psych, one sem of molecular bio, and one sem of physics (did AP physics 1 and 2).

So there must be a lot of the material in MCAT that I haven't touched base on, and I want a book that would help me learn them by having practice questions with good explanations and notes.

I've been looking around (Reddit, some forums, and exam-related websites with ranked books) and most people seem to be recommending Kaplan and ExamKrackers, but I just wanted to know which one would be a better choice for me in this situation? If you'd rather recommend other books such as Princeton and Sterling, please do!



2+ Year Member
Dec 5, 2017
I strongly second the rankings above. For passages and questions its definitely TBR > EK >> Everything else. Passages are the most important thing and they give you the best explanations so you learn how to think about questions.

For content I'd have it TPR = TBR >> EK > Kaplan. I personally like that TBR emphasizes how to apply the concepts to questions, but if you prefer traditional content review then TPR is good.
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