medical career

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    Most of the students think that once they enter a medical college, they just have to treat patients and do not have much dynamic career opportunities like other professions. That is certainly not the case. After the completion of the MBBS course, the medical graduates may go for the PG medical...
  2. I

    What is the Benefit of M.S / M.D?

    Hello, I'm getting ready to apply to medical schools. I also has an interest in research. I'm wondering what is the knowledge difference of an M.S (biomedical sciences) / M.D, vs just an M.D. is its a difference of laboratory techniques? Perhaps some statistics? Neither would be in a...
  3. C

    Nursing Major switching to Pre-Med?

    Hi everybody, I'm new here and I wanted to get some advice for my situation. I'm 18, a freshman in college and just finished my first semester. I'm in a direct entry BSN program and in the first semester I took Spanish 101, English and the nursing specific Bio & Chem classes. I got A's in...
  4. go2viveksingh

    MD & DO My chances as a non- traditional student

  5. Azide047

    Chances at med schools with these stats

    OK guys. I just applied to dental schools. BUT I am just curious and want to know what kind of chances I would have at medical school if I did just as well on the MCAT, got new (possibly better) LORs, and rewrote my personal statement. Take where I am at now and push it to the 2018 AMCAS...
  6. Froot4Lyfe

    Diagnostic Radiology Help

    Hi. So I'm posting this thread because I am entering the 9th grade in September. I've dreamed of becoming a diagnostic radiologist. I've fallen in love with this field because I love the idea of learning new things as I progress through life by continuing reading because I know that radiologists...
  7. S

    Medical school courses year 2?

    I hope I'm doing this right. I've never used this site before. So I completed my first year medical school in Australia. I recently transferred to US. All my credits and everything were considered. That being said, I was wondering what classes I should take together for this semester? I have to...
  8. B

    DO What are my changes, please help!!?

    Right now I have a cumulative 3.4 gpa and a science gpa of 3.2. I am trying to do 500 volunteer hours to count as extracurricular activities. If I have time I will do more, I couldn't find a research position so that sucks for me. Right now I am senior in college having my last semester so my...
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    I'm at the cross roads and I have a lot to lose.

    I don't want to burden you with a long story. Basically I always had a love for medicine but haven't had much opportunity to go into such a requiring and tedious field. My family/economical Life wasn't quite optimal for medical school. To please my mother I went to college and have gotten my...
  10. A

    Feeling discouraged. Is med school far fetched?

    I am an undergrad and I had pretty bad first two semesters. Second semester was worse than the first. The third semester I would say was fine. I was just wondering if medical school is far fetched at this point? I had valid reasons to do bad in my second semester. So in more detail: first...
  11. U

    Advice on future

    Hi there, I will be a freshman at the University of Alabama next fall. I know this is super early to start planning this, but I am a planner! I was wondering if someone would mind outlining the basics of what I need to do in order to get into medical school following my undergraduate degree. I...
  12. F

    Am I wrong to want to be a doctor?

    Well, I'm an 18 year old male, and after taking a year off after high school, I decided to apply for medical school in the UK. I decided to be a doctor, because....well to be honest, I'm not really sure. I'd had some slight inkling to pursue a medical career when I was younger. I actually liked...