medical college of wisconsin

  1. medshousing

    Renting Wawautosa Minutes to MCW, airport, stadium, Froedtert Medical Campus, Mayfair Mall and downtown. listing # 3961 Wauwatosa Wisconsin Rare to find. Wauwatosa Brookfield Dogs Welcome Woodsy setting near Hospitals & MCH EZ on/off expressway. Please text or call for quick response. Woodsy Setting Fenced Yard if needed. Highly sought after area with lots of third acre or more...
  2. D

    MD Applying to 6 or 7 schools only...bad idea?

    3.7 cGPA; ~3.5 sGPA -Graduated with Honors -Spanish speaking and immigration but not URM -Strong extracurriculars (3 years of paid clinical experience, lots of research but no publications, non-clinical volunteering, minimal shadowing, significant scholarships) -No MCAT yet - will be taking in...
  3. E

    Iowa vs. MCW

    Hi all- As I get more panicked about choosing a school, I figured I would turn to the reliable online forums to help me decide... But seriously, any input is appreciated. I've narrowed down to Iowa and Medical College of Wisconsin as of now! Although I know a lot can change between now and...
  4. C

    Hofstra Northwell vs. Medical College of Wisconsin

    Hofstra Pros Innovative problem based learning curriculum Smaller class size Beautiful and new, near NYC for networking opportunities Cons Mandatory classes, no recorded lectures Less established school Interested in biotech. Not positive there are great biotech research opportunities in the...
  5. E

    MCW Pharmacy Class of 2021

    Just wanted to start a post for all of my classmates! :)
  6. E

    MCW Interview Help

    Hi everyone! Just got invited to an interview at Medical College of Wisconsin's Pharmacy School. I'm super nervous and excited! Does anyone have any tips or pointers for me, please? My interview is this Friday (1/19). Thanks in advance! :)
  7. GrignardsReagent

    Weird decision. Need Help! MCW-Central Wi vs RVUCOM-CO

    Hello all, I really need some help here. I am a lot more torn about this decision than I thought I would be. I am pretty sure I know the answer here so I apologize I just wanted to confirm. School- Medical College of Wisconsin- Central Wisconsin Pros- My only MD acceptance Strong clinical...
  8. B

    Cincinnati vs MCW

    Hey guys! I'm gonna preface this by saying that I'm not in love with any particular specialty, but may have a slight preference towards Radiology. Also, I ultimately would like to match outside of the Midwest (east/west coasts + Chicago) so that may factor in as well. Any help/feedback is...