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  1. A

    Pre-med with a business major?

    Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well during these trying times. I need some advice. I am going to be an incoming freshman at Michigan State University for the fall semester of 2020. Going to med school is my dream. I am planning on majoring in Supply Chain Management (#1 program in US) because...
  2. PapaGuava

    2019-2020 Michigan State

    Secondary prompts: Good luck to everyone applying! Interview Feedback: Michigan State University
  3. P

    MSU Human Med prereq models

    Can anyone explain the MSU Human Med prereq models? Is one more advantageous than the other? Does taking option B mean there is less of an importance on science/math GPA? I am currently a Public Health BA student at UMich (I know, I'm a traitor for even considering MSU) with a minor in Medical...
  4. madaboutmedlife

    MSU CHM: East Lansing or Grand Rapids

    Hi! I am currently debating between MSU CHM's location in East Lansing V Grand Rapids. I was looking for some insight from current/past medical students from MSU CHM and what they enjoyed/didn't enjoy about each location. Personally I think I could be happy at either location. I am slightly...
  5. A

    MSUCHM vs. MSUCOM vs. Wayne State

    Hey everyone!! I was recently accepted MSUCOM, MSUCHM and Wayne State (btw I am from Michigan) and am looking for input from anyone who knows anything about the schools, attends them or has a friend who does! The deadline for my answer to MSUCOM is coming up really soon so any input at all would...
  6. FlashMed13

    Rank the following Michigan schools

    Please rank the following MD schools in Michigan: CMU MSU WSU OUWB
  7. T

    Michigan State University

    I have recently been accepted into the Osteopathic Medical Scholars Program at MSU. It allows me to enter MSUCOM after undergrad without writing the MCAT as long as I maintain a 3.5 GPA. I had a few questions for anyone who is in the program or who knows about it. Can I write the MCAT anyway and...
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  9. X

    MSUCHM vs Western Michigan

    I've been blessed with a decision between Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (CHM) and Western Michigan University Homer Stryker School Of Medicine (Wmed). CHM has its reputation and Big 10 research resources; however, growing up in Michigan and as an MSU alum, a new experience...