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  1. D

    Des Moines University vs. Chicago COM at Midwestern University

  2. I

    Early Decision for Fall 2019

    Has anyone else applied for early decision if so what school and have you heard back yet? I applied for Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy. I received an email from them saying my application was complete and under review.. anyone else?
  3. DoctorLane

    Please Rate : Western vs Midwestern vs Kent vs Barry vs DMU

    Rank based on experiences with these programs (i.e., interview, etc.) Program Professionalism: (1-10) Location: (1-10) Cost of living: (1-10) Quality of life: (1-10) Student body/staff: (1-10) GO!
  4. S

    Rowan MBS program vs. Midwestern (Glendale) MABS program

    I've been accepted to both programs. Made a list of a few notable points for each, can't decide where to go. Rowan: Guaranteed interview with a 3.6 GPA NJ is close to fam Tuition is 30k Waiting to hear back on specific statistics regarding how many interviewed applicants from the MBS program...
  5. Z

    Transferring Dental Schools

    I am currently a student at Midwestern University School of Dental Medicine Illinois. I have an opportunity to transfer to Tufts University School of Dental Medicine for my third and fourth year. I am in good standing at my school and love the program here. I want to transfer to be closer to...
  6. U

    Midwestern University Downer's Grove MBS 2016-2017

    Hey everyone. I was accepted to Midwestern's MBS (2 year program) starting August 2016 and was wondering if there was anyone else out here on SDN who was thinking about applying, sent in their application, placed on hold, or accepted or anything in between lol Feel free to chime in. Maybe we...
  7. ImplantKing

    Midwestern University Master of Arts Biomedical Sciences 2016-2017

    Hello, This thread is for students recently accepted into the MABS Program at Midwestern, Glendale Campus. If you have information, needing roommate, etc. please feel free to post on this thread. Best of luck to everyone in the near future
  8. crinkleyartist

    UCD Veterinary Program

    Hi there! I apologize if this has been asked/answered already but I'm in the process of choosing a veterinary school and (until I hear back from Tenn) I'm choosing between Dublin or Midwestern. If someone could tell me more about the pros and cons of both that would be super appreciated! I'm...
  9. H

    University of Indianapolis or Midwestern- Downers Grove?

    Hey everyone! I've been accepted to both Midwestern University in Downers Grove and University of Indianapolis. Could anyone give me a little insight into these programs? They're both pretty close cost-wise but Uindy is ranked higher than Midwestern. However, Midwestern is much closer and less...
  10. D

    Midwestern University-Illinois or University of New England?

    Opinions on UNE and MWU-Il? Since both programs are newer it is hard to find information on either. If a current student, is there anything you do not like about your program? Or things you wish you had known prior to attending the school?
  11. M

    Midwestern University (Downer's Grove) Interview Tips

    Hi Friends! I had my physical therapy interview at Midwestern University, Downer's Grove. I searched high and low for information on what to expect and couldn't find any prior to my interview, so I'm hoping you will find this post helpful! The interviewers were Sarah Keller, Timothy Hanke...