1. D

    MD Help -- Dual Applying Psych & Pediatrics vs FM?

    My main question / TLDR: Since Psych is not a guarantee bc of my grades, do I dual apply to Peds or to FM as my "backup"??? or BOTH??? Is triple applying even possible, or more like very ill-advised? Hi everyone, you probably need a lot of context with this. I'm a US MD MS3 female. I always...
  2. S

    MS3 ENT chances: research year and step 2

  3. G

    New MS3 in need of help- interested in anesthesiology

  4. Welshman

    MD & DO Rotations and COVID-19

    Does anyone have any idea how the virus will impact third year rotations? My school already canceled preceptorships for M1s and 2s. Has anyone had their M3 rotations effected or students quarantined?
  5. Hash Slinging Slasher

    Subpar Medical Student Looking for Urology Match Advice

    To give some background first, I'm a MS3 US medical student. I recently just finished a surgical elective rotation in urology and absolutely loved the rotation. After going 2.5 years in medical school with absolutely nothing clicking for me, the eureka moment of finally finding a specialty I...
  6. M

    Need Step 2 CS partner Austin, Texas

    hi, I am looking for someone to practice with for step 2 CS; it can be someone who has already taken or not taken CS yet.I will be in Austin from August 4th and my test date is August 15th in Houston. Please respond if interested.
  7. RaginMD

    Comfortable women's shoes for wards and surgery, what should I buy?

    First and foremost I'm broke as hell so I'm not buying $200 shoes at the moment. Just trying to figure out what to get in terms of affordable and comfortable shoes to wear on clinic days and then a good pair of sneakers or something for the OR or the days I wear scrubs, especially since I have...
  8. doctorstrangerthingz

    Early entry into clerkships

    Hi all, I'm extremely happy about the school that I got accepted to. The school has a curriculum where we start our clerkships after a year and a half. I'm interested in what people people's opinion of this. Do the benefits of starting the rotations early out-weight the risk of cutting down...
  9. F

    MS3 Shift to Ortho - No mentors no research

  10. C

    Advice for choosing electives?

    Hi everyone, So I am an MS2 interested in going into surgery. My school has asked us to start thinking about what elective rotations to take next year (we are allowed two 4-week electives and a 2-week elective). I am having a hard time narrowing down what to choose. I am currently interested...
  11. P

    M3 Clerkships in Different Cities

    I'm currently an MS2 and am trying to plan ahead for third year. We have the option of doing one, several, or even all core clerkships in other cities around the state. My question is: from a residency application perspective, would it make me more competitive if I completed my clerkships in...
  12. M

    Dating a resident

    Do schools usually have/enforce any rules, suggestions against or discourage students on rotations dating residents in the same core clinical sites? Thanks.
  13. lilypond147

    MD All HP on Rotations

    Hi Everyone, I'm a MS3 and quickly learning about the subjectivity when it comes to MS3 grades. I have received grades for 3 clerkships (Neuro, Peds, IM) all of which I received a HP (my school is F/P/HP/H). I'm a little frustrated with the evaluations (which make up the bulk of our grade)...
  14. X

    How many hours a day did you study based on rotation?

    I did not see a big thread on this so I wanted to start. How many hours in third year did you study a night on average based on the rotation? Psychiatry Neurology Surgery OB GYN Family Med Internal med. Figured it would help students not over or understudy. Also if you can feel free to share...
  15. P

    AMBOSS for Shelf Exams & MS3?

    So AMBOSS gave a presentation to our med school today, and from what I gathered, it's designed to be a comprehensive, single resource for MS3, including a Qbank and Library. They are based in Germany and used as the primary resource for students and physicians across Europe. There's a lot of...
  16. Mecidimes

    Owning a bird in medical school?

    Hey everyone, M2 HPSP student considering getting a budgie or two. I'm concerned I won't have enough time to care for the bird in third year (and beyond), and that the bird(s) will get lonely even if I get a pair of them. Thoughts? There's a similar post on here about getting a bird but I...
  17. surely

    Pursue EM even if you don't love trauma?

    Edit: In case anybody finds this thread in the future, wanted to report back that my nervousness with critical patients was indeed temporary (and now I'm seriously leaning toward EM with an emphasis on CC). The advice I got here was solid and I appreciate everyone taking the time to help me...
  18. ocimy

    Preparing for Neurology match

    I am an MS3 preparing for a field in Neurology and am interested in how I can take advantage of the rest of MS3/MS4 to match into a competitive residency. I am currently in Psych rotation and still have Surgery, Medicine last. Neuro is scheduled for July with a break in August to take Step 2...
  19. A

    Specialty series - emergency medicine

    Hey everyone! I started a specialty series on my blog ( and just wanted to share what I posted on emergency medicine. It seems that EM is all the rage nowadays and since I am finishing up my month as a rotator on EM, I thought it'd be fun to reflect on all the things I...