1. S

    Loyola Stritch SSOM vs Michigan State CHM

    Loyola Stritch SSOM Pros Jesuit values, would absolutely love to go to a school that emphasizes these Trauma center, burn center, cancer center, etc. = learning opportunities right on campus Higher ranking?: 61st by residency directors, 88 USNews - not sure if big enough difference Derm...
  2. Drewfuss

    SLU vs. MSU vs. Drexel

    Hey yall, I am a California Resident trying to decide between these 3 schools. As I understand it, all 3 schools have similar rankings so I am not sure if that will play much into it. I am looking to do EM or maybe a more competitive surgical subspecialty. Not totally sure yet. I am not really...
  3. Sage of Pale Bones


    Hi all, please bear with me if this is a stupid question. I know that in most cases an MD will give you more opportunities than a DO but I have been hearing that MSUCOM ( one of the best DO schools ) is better than MSUCHM ( a mid-tier MD school). What is your take for: -Someone who wants to...
  4. medshousing

    Renting East Lansing MI Home away from home-room room to rent

    New Listing on MSU "Hello and welcome! We hope to provide you with a cozy and modern atmosphere to make your stay in East Lansing as enjoyable as possible. We are a short 5 minute drive to MSU, and offer access to a private bathroom for your stay. Not to mention an...
  5. F

    Michigan State University DO 2018-2019

    Please post essay questions when you receive them. Good luck to everyone!
  6. S


    Hi all, I am looking into applying for an MD/PhD program at MSU, but it seems as though there are two programs to which we can apply, with the difference being that you get a PhD from either MSU or from the VAIGS. Does anybody have feedback about either program or have they heard anything about...
  7. P

    MSU Human Med prereq models

    Can anyone explain the MSU Human Med prereq models? Is one more advantageous than the other? Does taking option B mean there is less of an importance on science/math GPA? I am currently a Public Health BA student at UMich (I know, I'm a traitor for even considering MSU) with a minor in Medical...
  8. F

    MSU COM interview

    Hello! anyone at MSU COM wanna chip in and talk about how they like the school (or dont)?
  9. MemberBerry

    MSUCHM New curriculum

    Hey everyone (and hopefully Spartan MDs), I am wondering if any of you current M1s can comment on the new Shared Discovery Curriculum? I will be starting there next year and am looking for a first-hand viewpoint. Thanks a bunch and good luck with your studies!
  10. MSUcvmHOPE

    Michigan State c/o 2021 Applicants

    Couldn't wait for anyone else to start it. The VMCAS is open and I want to be able to chat with my fellow MSU hopefuls!
  11. FlashMed13

    Rank the following Michigan schools

    Please rank the following MD schools in Michigan: CMU MSU WSU OUWB
  12. X

    MSUCHM vs Western Michigan

    I've been blessed with a decision between Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (CHM) and Western Michigan University Homer Stryker School Of Medicine (Wmed). CHM has its reputation and Big 10 research resources; however, growing up in Michigan and as an MSU alum, a new experience...